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persolog danadria

"Cooperating with persolog international is profitable in many respects: Persolog is a reliable and very responsive partner with high quality products. We always appreciate persolog’s excellent and friendly support at every level. We like their vision and dedication to become the leading company in learning instruments."

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persolog nederland

“Since 2001 I have been involved with the persolog GmbH with great pleasure and satisfaction. To be able to offer clients high quality HR instruments gives me a sense of pride. Persolog is known for it's thorough research and back-up (what else could you expect from a German company), but also for giving room to work out tailor-made solutions for customers.”

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persolog romania

“The collaboration with persolog GmbH brought several advantages for us in launching a new business in Romania. We benefited from German know-how through instruments and support, a well developed business model that we can adapt and implement locally. Also the opportunity to connect with other country distributors and learn from their experiences during the yearly international meetings is really valuable.”

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persolog italy

"For us being an exclusive persolog distributor in Italy since 2005 means: - to be part of an international network - to have a unique catalogue of excellent and reliable products - to offer our customers a range of tools to develop a better understanding and management of people’s behavior in organizations"

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Martin Anker Wiedemann

CEO persolog Denmark

"persolog denmark has been part of the international network since 2004. We are in this business to make work places better and people happier. Our motivation is the outstanding working relationship with our German and international associates from persolog - and, of course, the good business prospects with a wide range of learning instruments based on localised models and profiling systems of unsurpassed convincing quality.

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We have experienced persolog to be a professional organization with trainers who are experts in their profession. With their latest up to date instruments in many languages, they are truly an excellent partner in matters of coaching and integration of staff and their job positions and able to serve internationally.

Bart Groeneveld, Fresenius Kabi Nederland B.V.
Organizational Change Manager

Vision Consulting has been operating on the training & teambuilding market since 2004. Our programs have always been set to fit our clients' needs - in this case, participants’ needs. Rather than delivering the same recipe for just about any group, we prefer differentiating participants from the start. The involvement of the persolog Personality Factor Model had and still has two main impacts on our delivery: on one hand, our trainers are now inclined to see participants from a personality perspective and relate to their needs accordingly; on the other hand, clients have started to see the huge benefits this model offers and ask for it. Among the benefits of the persolog instruments, we would like to mention: - easy to use - friendly approach, easy to remember and picture among all interest groups - countless variations possible - accurate results

Cătălina Măriuța
Trainer & Managing Partner, Vision Consulting