Develop Organizations
through People!

People's ability to act can be promoted

Dettmar Leu

Dettmar Leu

"People's empowerment can be fostered."

- Dettmar Leu is firmly convinced of this. And this from his own experience: as a boss, consultant and coach, he has developed numerous managers and, together with them, promoted and challenged their ability to act.

Dettmar Leu sees it as his profession to enable people to recognize their strengths and those of their team colleagues - in order to find and pursue a common goal.

For Dettmar Leu, it's always about people: It's about what different people do with each other and with each other.

If companies recognise this, both are winners: the employee and the organisation.

Dettmar Leu - most recently at Porsche, today as Managing Director of persolog and Coach - prefers to support companies in recognising this in the areas of personality development and stress management.

"My successes over the past 30 years have been marked by the fact that I have encouraged people to do the right work in the right place. After all, it's not just numbers that speak for themselves. Better social skills can also be measured."

"Often it is a balancing act to bring people and processes together in such a way that a noticeable further development takes place. But this development is possible - and I see it as my task to promote and accompany it."