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Long-term success story

We have been famous as a publishing house and provider of seminars in management circles since 1990. The figures speak for themselves: over one million analyses sold and more than five thousand certified trainer in the German-speaking countries alone.

Represented at international level
As international licensor persolog® has distributors in more than a dozen regions worldwide. The successful product “Behavioral Profile” is available in more than 30 languages including an online version.

Continuous scientific research and development
Our products are developed permanently and statistically verified, formerly in direct cooperation with the author of the world-famous Personality Factor Profile, Prof. John G. Geier. Consequently, persolog® has the latest Personality Factor Model with the behavioral dimensions dominant (D), influencing (I), steady (S) and cautious (C).

Complement your portfolio with successful modules by the trademark persolog®

More about the models, products and seminars can be found clicking on the respective products: Personality, Stress Management, Self-Leadership, Team, Recruiting, Time Management, Communication andLearning and Teaching.

Persolog Personality Profiles provide a common language for HR, the candidate and manager with high connectivity. The reports are astounding and give clear feedback for personal (self-)coaching. Candidates understand themselves much better. So far we have not found a better instrument that connects people and is so widely applicable.

Bart Groeneveld
Organizational Change Manager, Fresenius Kabi Nederland B.V.

In my job at Arriva, I have worked closely together with persolog Denmark on organizational development and training - also from a diversity management perspective. It has been very satisfying to link my professional knowledge on diversity with the business pedagogics of the persolog program and methods towards an appreciative approach and inclusion by means of personal profiles and psychological understanding. The participants appreciate that even if they are very different from each other, they are different in the exact same ways across cultural boundaries, gender, age, educational background etc. This unifies them - with respect to their individual differences. It has been very rewarding and a mutual learning experience to cooperate within the scope of the Arriva projects.

Pernille Kiær
Business Developer at Arriva and diversity management specialist Arriva Danmark A/S

Nein, Danke

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