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Experts for the persolog® Personality Factor Model

We are happy to recommend these trainers to you

Practical experience, regular visits to the expert series as well as the successfully passed examination to become an expert for the persolog® Personality Factor Model. This is what distinguishes these trainers.

Eberhard Jung

Executive Coach

- Love it, change it or leave it, but don't cry" - according to this motto Eberhard Jung has been inspiring his listeners to self-reflection for over 20 years now, awakening their courage to change and encouraging them to recognise their own strengths and use them successfully.

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Helmut Martin

Personnel development and coaching

Has worked for many years in the field of executive development, coaching and team development.

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Manfred Maindok

Training in sales, management and cultural topics

Manfred Maindok has over 25 years of international experience in sales, management, training and cultural issues.

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Manfred Beutel

Trainer and consultant for team development

How people can work better together - this is the concern of Manfred Beutel

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Gabriele Braemer

Organizational consultant and coach for executives and teams

My aim is to touch people emotionally in change processes and to give them space for reflection so that growth and change become possible".

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Prof. Dirk Wolff

Managing Partner of the Institut für Waldarbeit GmbH

Dirk Wolff's strength lies in structuring and description of complex interrelations and relationships. He likes it is when things are clearly named and therefore gladly helps to achieve clarity to worry about. This approach shapes his trainings, Coachings and seminars.

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Johannes Braun

Speaker, Trainer und Coach

"Train the trainers and lead the leaders." These are the best words to describe his life's work and passion.

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Claudia Benthack

Her workshops, seminars and coaching sessions focus on emotional experiences, personal experiences and targeted methods for strengthening personality and support in the work environment.

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Martin Lengefeld

Founding and management of Little Helper Verlags GmbH

Martin Lengefeld has been a lecturer at the ZfU, International Business School for Negotiation Training and lecturer for Presentation Technology at the HTWG in Konstanz since 2013.

Furthermore, he has many years of experience as a trainer and coach in the areas of negotiation and personality.

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Paul Donders

Managing Director persolog Netherlands

Paul Donders is co-owner and managing director of persolog Netherlands. He has been a trainer and coach in management and strategic consulting since 1987. In addition, he is also internationally active as a speaker on leadership and personal development.

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Dr. Thomas Eisinger

Teaching and master coach, lecturer for experiential education and personality development, Dipl. Rel. Pädagoge

"There is potential in every person and in every team. The only thing you have to do: Discovering, promoting and developing this potential". This is exactly what Thomas Eisinger does. This is his passion, which he lives day after day.

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Ulrich Balde

DART Consulting GmbH

Consultant and coach for owners, executives and key employees in predominantly medium-sized structures. Has worked for many years as a trainer with a focus on leadership, team development, rhetoric/presentation, learning processes and train-the-trainer.

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Katrin Suhle

KSuhle. successful strategies

As an independent personnel and personality trainer, coach and lecturer, I have been working for numerous companies in Germany for many years on the topics of personality, time management, target management and self-organisation.

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Christian Eibel

Savings bank Ingolstadt

In my professional activity as a sales trainer for the Versicherungskammer Bayern I train and coach colleagues in the savings banks. I have gained experience in sales over many years. and I'm passing them on now.

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Kai-Uwe Benthack

Kai-Uwe Benthack combines theoretical knowledge, personal experience and practical business knowledge to an individual wealth of experience.

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Robin Heintze

Managing Director of morefiremedia GmbH

Robin Heintze is founder and managing director of the online marketing specialist morefiremedia in Cologne and lecturer for search engine marketing at the WAK in Cologne.

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Joachim Wittig

Managing Director of PraxisTraining live, trainer for salespeople and executives

"Without passion, there is no genius." This is the working motto of Joachim Wittig. He is managing director of PraxisTraining live and has been a qualified sales trainer for more than 20 years.

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Karsten Hourticolon

Managing director of Praxistraining live, trainer and sales coach

Karsten Hourticolon is an idea giver, counsellor and trainer. He uses his many years of sales experience to develop sales and service cultures that set companies, employees and managers apart from the competition. His tried and tested principle is: "different from others".

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