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Certification as persolog® Stress Model

The word stress originally comes from physics and means nothing else than pressure. That makes sense. Because when does stress arise in us? Then, when we are under pressure.

That you get under pressure from time to time - you cannot influence that. But what you have in your hand: How you, your employees and your customers deal with your stress - each in his own way.

This is exactly where the persolog® Stress Model comes in: It helps you to identify personal stress factors, to find the right way to deal with them - and to develop effective and individual stress management strategies based on this.

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This is your certification if you...

  • want to work with a concept that looks at stress from a consistently personal perspective: both how to deal with stress and its triggers
  • want to get to know effective exercises on how people can use stress in a positive way
  • want to know when you fall into non-productive stress mode, how to get out of this mode in the short term - and how to avoid it completely in the long term
  • recognize individual stress patterns and want to break through them effectively


Your certification content

  • You get a comprehensive insight into the latest findings of stress research
  • You get to know the theoretical basis of the persolog® stress model
  • You will learn how to determine and promote individual stress competencies
  • You train how to recognize different stress factors and develop individual coping strategies
  • You will get to know and understand the difference between a productive and a non-productive approach to stress



Download: Tagesablauf Ihrer Zertifizierung

Your bonus

  • You get a complete design for your own stress management events.
  • You will receive practical tips on how to work effectively with stressed people in coaching sessions, consultations, training sessions and seminars.


circle of participants

Trainers and consultants, personnel managers, managers and representatives for company health management who want to actively take the subject of stress management into their own hands: competent, practical, individual.


Your trainers

Prof. Dirk Wolff, persolog Trainer

Prof. Dirk Wolff

Dirk Wolff's strength lies in structuring and description of complex interrelations and relationships. He likes it is when things are clearly named and therefore gladly helps to achieve clarity to worry about. This approach shapes his trainings, Coachings and seminars.

Learn more.

You will acquire background and trainer knowledge.

Experience yourself.

You apply the model to your own person.

Take along.

  • Trainer's guide with exercises and background information
  • BKK-certified concept for stress training

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Professional, experienced, top structured - extensive material - highly recommended.

B. Reinartz

Start with yourself and make further decisions afterwards.

Heike Michl

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