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Interpreting difficult diagrams with certainty

Interpreting the 3 graphs is probably the most complex aspect of working with the persolog® Behavioral Profile – at least if you’re confronted with a graph that strongly deviates from the “norm”: What if all 4 points are beneath the mid-line? What if all are above it? And what if graph 1 looks completely different than graph 2? These and so many other crucial questions stand in the spotlight of our brand-new webinar – which will turn you into a real interpreting-expert.

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  • Within a few hours, you learn to handle even the most complex graphs.
  • You get to know how to prevent drawing wrong conclusions – one of the cardinal errors when it comes to interpreting extraordinary graphs.
  • You come to know which questions you should ask if someone doesn’t see himself reflected in his graphs



Note to the Webinar-Dates:

Our webinar-offer is addressed to trainers around the world who, logically, life and work in different time zones. This is a fact we paid attention to. That’s why we offer two different webinar-dates at different times of the day. For participants from

  • Asia/the Pacific Region, Europe: Webinar East
  • Southern & Northern America, Europe: Webinar West


🕗  Please find your time zone converter here and choose the date which fits you best!

Your Special Benefits

  • You’ll train your dealing with the graphs by interpreting real cases of real persons.
  • During the webinar, your concerns will stand in the spotlight: refer to practical cases from your seminar experience or ask questions you always wanted to ask. I promise: together, we’ll work out the answers!
  • You practice to recognize what kind of person stands behind a graph: which specific challenges the person might face and how he or she could reach her personal peak Performance.
  • After having brought your knowledge about the 3 graphs up to speed, you'll profit from an amazing discount designed especially for you: you'll get our brand-new booklet Your Training with D, I, S and C for only 24,90 € (regular Price 49,90 €). It contains 10 valuable excercises which you can use in any training or coaching session about the 4 behavioral dimensions and which - you can be sure of that - will definitely excite your participants.

Your trainers

Friedbert Gay – CEO persolog,

Friedbert Gay – CEO persolog

How can People cooperate more efficiently? This question Friedbert Gay has been dealing with for many years as managing director, master trainer and speaker. His philosophy is to be responsive to individual personalities because he is convinced that "the equal treatment of unequal people is not fair".

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