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Better understanding of behavior in conflict mode

Recognize and resolve conflicts quickly

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Recognize and resolve conflicts quickly

Conflicts show the "sticking points" in companies on. They cause bad mood, work errors and many other problems. Conflicts often arise misunderstandings and different types of Behavioral preferences. The ability to recognize conflicts. and to be able to solve, is essential for a productive and positive working atmosphere is an important prerequisite. In in this seminar you will learn how you can use the persolog® Personality Identify potential conflicts more quickly using the model and more efficiently.

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This is your day when you ...

  • Want to better understand your own behavior and that of others in conflict mode.
  • want to get a compact overview of conflict development and conflict evaluation.
  • would like to know how you can establish a behavioural early warning system - by recognising conflicts with yourself and others in good time.



  • How to determine the causes of conflicts.
  • Recognizing conflicts through early warning signals.
  • Evaluating the conflict - What is important.
  • conflicts to the bottom of it.
  • How to solve conflicts faster.
  • Avoid escalation in conflicts.
  • Successfully countering resistance.


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Your expert bonus

  • As a certified trainer for the Personality Factor Model, you can use this seminar to deepen your expertise in conflict management. You will receive detailed documentation that you can use in your training, consulting and coaching sessions.



  • The most important contents of conflict theory in a nutshell.
  • This is followed by practice-tested exercises and Train-the-Trainer implementation aids.


You take that with you:

  • Strategic planner efficient conflict resolution
  • Questionnaire Personality Profile
  • Booklet Conflict Management

Your trainers

Friedbert Gay – Your persolog trainer, persolog Speaker

Friedbert Gay – Your persolog trainer

Friedbert Gay's enthusiasm for people and their personality can be felt from the very first moment. With his stirring and authentic style he always succeeds in captivating and inspiring his audience.

Prof. Dirk Wolff, persolog Trainer

Prof. Dirk Wolff

Dirk Wolff's strength lies in structuring and description of complex interrelations and relationships. He likes it is when things are clearly named and therefore gladly helps to achieve clarity to worry about. This approach shapes his trainings, Coachings and seminars.

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