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Leading with values - living values together

Leading with values - living values together

How you live individual values and still develop a common entrepreneurial spirit

Leading with values – living values together

"Our value system is our personal operating system." With this statement the former Microsoft manager Rob Lebow makes clear how important values are for us humans. Values guide our actions. They stand for what is important to us.

Values come to light in a wide variety of areas - both in a single life and in business: Some employees attach importance to good communication, some to an optimal flow of information, some to the quality of their own products and services.

It is precisely these values of the employees that can show a company its status quo: with regard to its own strengths, with regard to its own weaknesses, with regard to entrepreneurial potential for improvement.

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Strengths and weaknesses in the company: Recognize, analyze, improve

With this guiding principle, we at persolog have launched our VAS study.

VAS stands for: Values and Attitudes Study. VAS stands for an employee survey that shows companies in comparison with an internationally determined benchmark: Where do we stand? Where are we top? And where do we have to make adjustments?


These questions show a company the way - to a common corporate culture, to sustainable success.


And you can accompany a company on this path: By showing managers and personnel developers how to profitably utilize the values, attitudes and assessments of their employees.


By conducting and accompanying the persolog® VAS study in companies.


In the new persolog® seminar Leading with values - living values together, you will learn how to do this competently and confidently. How to live individual values and still create a common entrepreneurial spirit.  


This is your day when you...

  • want to know what the much conjured values actually are
  • want to include a theme in your portfolio that was never gone - and never will be gone
  • would like to be authorized to conduct and accompany the persolog® VAS study in companies


Download: Tagesablauf Ihres Praxis-Seminars

 These are your contents

  • What your ideal values are and what values you really live by
  • What values make a company a plus organization
  • How to identify value conflicts and resolve resulting tensions
  • What is the difference between a tactical-oriented and a value-oriented company - and how this difference affects the company's success
  • This is the persolog® VAS study - and so you carry it out confidently and competently


Learn more about the VAS study in our FAQs:


Download: VAS-Studie FAQs


circle of participants

Trainers, consultants, personnel managers and coaches who are interested in the current topic of values and want to kill 3 birds with one stone:

  • You deal intensively with your own values
  • You can include a seminar on personal and organisational values in your portfolio
  • You are in a position to expertly accompany an entire study


You take that with you:

  • Sample VAS studies
  • Trainer's guide Leading with values
    • admnistrator's guide
    • Data carrier with working materials
    • Working materials: value-oriented consensus management
    • Working Materials: Guidelines Personal Values
  • Sample Questionnaire Paper and Online




Your trainers

Friedbert Gay – Your persolog trainer, persolog Speaker

Friedbert Gay – Your persolog trainer

Friedbert Gay's enthusiasm for people and their personality can be felt from the very first moment. With his stirring and authentic style he always succeeds in captivating and inspiring his audience.

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