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persolog self-management model

Reaching goals safely

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Certification persolog® self-management model

If one believes the - more or less official - biographies of people who "made it", then success can be traced back to a very specific characteristic: determination.

The problem is that it is not at all easy to identify the wishes and plans that actually come from ourselves as such. Media and social networks constantly show us what others think, do, want and have. The danger that we will accept the goals of others for ourselves is increasing all the time. And sentences like This is how I should be or This is how I would like to be take shape in our thinking.

In the certification for the persolog® self-management model you will learn how to leave such sentences behind. You learn to say This is how I am. Because: The sooner you dare to say this This is how I am to live, the more well-founded, serious and honest you can ask yourself: What do I want? And the more successful you will be in leading yourself - and others -.

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This is your certification if you...

  • Identify your personal goals - and develop strategies on how to achieve them
  • want to learn how to set your goals in a way that motivates you - instead of putting pressure on you
  • would like to work with a scientifically proven self-management model with German reliability values
  • want to define your personal goal-attainability radius
  • want to develop - and implement - individual self-management strategies
  • want to find out how you can lead yourself better - and thus become a leading figure for others as well



Your bonus

  • You will receive numerous methods and techniques for more self-management competence, which you can use directly in your own events
  • You receive comprehensive training material - including a complete seminar concept, which you can easily adapt to the individual needs of your customers



This is your certification content

You will get to know the 4 essential dimensions of the persolog® self-management model. Specifically, you will learn how to

  • Strengthen your thinking about opportunities and reduce your thinking about obstacles - through cognitive self-management.
  • quickly put yourself in the F.L.O.W. state and approach your tasks more motivated and convinced - through emotional self-management.
  • Take your life into your own hands and counteract the feeling of being controlled by others - through behavioural self-management.
  • to deal more consciously with your body and thus become more resilient and powerful - through physical self-management.



Download: Tagesablauf Ihrer Zertifizierung



circle of participants

Trainers, consultants, HR managers and coaches who work with executives. Trainers who work with the topic of work-life balance.


Your trainers

Eberhard Jung, persolog Referent

Eberhard Jung

- Love it, change it or leave it, but don't cry" - according to this motto Eberhard Jung has been inspiring his listeners to self-reflection for over 20 years now, awakening their courage to change and encouraging them to recognise their own strengths and use them successfully.

Debora Karsch – Your persolog trainer, persolog Consultant

Debora Karsch – Your persolog trainer

"It is often the leap into the unknown that leads to the next level." If you ask Debora Karsch for a motto that inspires her and guides her in her work, she will call these words. And not without reason: She is convinced that real development is only possible if you dare something new.

Learn more.

You will acquire background and trainer knowledge.

Experience yourself.

You apply the model to your own person.

Take along.

You will receive a trainer's guide as PDF (digital) with exercises, participant documents, theoretical background information and seminar drafts including a PowerPoint presentation.

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12.12.2019 - 13.12.2019 Thun (CH) 1.680 CHF*
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