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Advanced Seminar

Self Leadership Certification Update

Brand new and updated

Self Leadership Certification Update

Self-management is not self-management, but enables people to recognize, see and remove obstacles. And to achieve what they imagine. The new persolog® self-management profile with the 7 strategies for achieving goals even better sums up how people can succeed in recognizing and changing automatisms and habits.

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This is your day when you ...

  • want to update their knowledge on the subject of self-management in order to bring themselves up to date.
  • would like to get to know all the new materials for the self-management profile and find out how you can use them in practice.
  • would like to learn how to easily put together an attractive seminar on self-management.



  • You will deepen the most important aspects of the persolog® self-management model.
  • You will learn how to apply the persolog® self-management model in seminars, coaching sessions or in the context of change processes.
  • You will learn practical application possibilities that will simplify your work with the persolog® self-management model.


What you take with you

  • persolog® Self Leadership Profile
  • persolog® Trainer's Guide Self Leadership Part 1 & 2
  • a new persolog® game for the self-management model
  • persolog® Quick-Check Self-Guidance
  • USB stick with participant booklet, seminar presentations and worksheets for direct customization and printout

Your trainers

Debora Karsch – Your persolog trainer, persolog Consultant

Debora Karsch – Your persolog trainer

"It is often the leap into the unknown that leads to the next level." If you ask Debora Karsch for a motto that inspires her and guides her in her work, she will call these words. And not without reason: She is convinced that real development is only possible if you dare something new.

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