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How to "read" your counterpart

Recognising and interpreting behaviour correctly

How to read your counterpart

Recognising and interpreting behaviour correctly

Did you know that 55% of communication takes place through body language? Interpreting physical signals correctly can be extremely useful and profitable: If you know who they are facing, you also know how best to deal with them. In our new seminar "How to recognise and interpret behaviour correctly - how to "we are intensively concerned with the subtle communication of our body.

You'll see: Body language, gestures, facial expressions and tonality are sometimes more expressive than words.

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From the content

If you know me from seminars, you know: it's not about thinking in terms of drawers. It's about understanding people better and being able to develop them further. It's about reducing everyday misunderstandings. It's about bringing teams and people together. Observing behaviour is a great tool for all this.

As a certified trainer you will learn in this seminar:

  • How to "read" your counterpart using body language, tonality, language, gestures and facial expressions
  • Which "signals" you can rely on
  • How to recognize the behavior within seconds
  • How to distinguish between Dominant, Initiative, Steady, Conscientious and Mixing Behaviors

Pure practice

Body language, language, facial expressions, gestures and tonality can provide you with important clues to assess your counterpart. But be careful: translating the messages requires some practice. That is why we will carry out many assessment exercises on this day. My goal is that you will be able to put this knowledge into practice the day after. It will not be about how you interpret every little movement of your body, but you will learn important signals and their usual (but not guaranteed!) meaning.

Download: Tagesablauf Ihres Aufbau-Seminars

This is your day when...

... you are certified for the persolog® Personality Factor Model. You will learn to understand your participants even better and will be able to adjust your training better to them. For certified trainers, this is one of the most valuable advanced workshops.


After the workshop

  • You can create AHA experiences for your participants in trainings, employees and fellow human beings: If you recognize who is sitting in front of you without a diagram, you can leave an uncanny impression. I experience again and again how perplexed people are when I make hypotheses about their behaviour. Most of the time I don't know the diagram and the person - you can learn that easily!
  • They can lead, negotiate and communicate better: Especially in sales or negotiations it is so useful if you know who is sitting in front of you.
  • You can make better use of your knowledge of D, I, S and G in everyday life: I often don't know the diagrams of my fellow human beings. But I can quickly draw conclusions from observing.


You take that with you:

  • Book of participants how to recognize and interpret behaviour correctly
  • PowerPoint - correctly recognize behavioral tendencies
  • printed images

Your trainers

Friedbert Gay – Your persolog trainer, persolog Speaker

Friedbert Gay – Your persolog trainer

Friedbert Gay's enthusiasm for people and their personality can be felt from the very first moment. With his stirring and authentic style he always succeeds in captivating and inspiring his audience.

Gabriele Braemer, persolog Speaker

Gabriele Braemer

My aim is to touch people emotionally in change processes and to give them space for reflection so that growth and change become possible".

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Make absolutely essential: great trainer, exciting insights, many fields of application.

Raffael Supper

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