Develop Organizations
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expert seminar

Customer specific selling and consulting

Faster to close the sale through type-appropriate communication

expert seminar

Customer-specific selling and consulting

Usually only a little bit is missing for a large Graduation. Most salesmen fail before the I'd like to conclude by saying that you don't rely on the personality of their customers - and that is because they are know neither their own personality, nor the one of your customer. Only those who are aware of their own behavior patterns is aware of and is also aware of his customer's knows how to make them both profitable. can tune into each other. In the persolog® Expert Seminar "Customer-specific selling and consulting" shows Friedbert Gay, how you manage this vote.

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From the content

  • How you should consider your personality when selling.
  • You will learn how to react to the reactions of the person you are talking to in such a way that you can conclude the sale more quickly.
  • You know what each "type of buyer" needs to make a purchase decision.



Impulse presentations and partner interviews help to consolidate what has been learned and put it into practice. This is supplemented by role plays, case studies and group work.


This is your day when you ...

  • want to learn how to train sales, distribution, marketing and customer service staff.
  • want to get to sales faster.


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The special

You will not learn any sales processes or closing techniques with us. But you will learn how to use your personality resources in sales in order to advise your customers and buyers ideally and bring them to a conclusion as quickly as possible.

circle of participants

Trainers certified for the persolog® Personality Factor Model who train sales and marketing staff.


You take that with you:

  • persolog® Behavioral Profile
  • Trainer's Guide Selling with Personality
  • Participant booklet salesman with personality
  • Booklet of participants selling with personality
  • Sales and Service Strategy Planner
  • Strategy planner Telephone conversations
  • Checklist telephone calls
  • Checklist Sell

Your trainers

Friedbert Gay – Your persolog trainer, persolog Speaker

Friedbert Gay – Your persolog trainer

Friedbert Gay's enthusiasm for people and their personality can be felt from the very first moment. With his stirring and authentic style he always succeeds in captivating and inspiring his audience.

Debora Karsch – Your persolog trainer, persolog Consultant

Debora Karsch – Your persolog trainer

"It is often the leap into the unknown that leads to the next level." If you ask Debora Karsch for a motto that inspires her and guides her in her work, she will call these words. And not without reason: She is convinced that real development is only possible if you dare something new.

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