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Effective coaching with the Personality Factor Model

Effective ideas on how to increase performance through self-reflection

Effective coaching with the Personality Factor Model

People who come to you in Coaching have very different challenges. You want to break through beliefs, change automatisms and above all understand more, what happens to your behaviour in certain situations. With the persolog online report "Personality in Focus" you can find concrete starting points that help your coachee and you to achieve your coaching goals. In this expert seminar you will get concrete instructions, exercises and tools with which you can reach your goals faster and more effectively.

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This is your day when you...

  • 1:1 Coaching situations with "personality in focus" would like to make more effective
  • want to get new ideas and tips on how to work sustainably with the 3 diagrams of the Personality Factor Profile and the Job Profile
  • want to support your coachee in self-reflection and the acquisition of AHA experiences.



  • How to use "Personality in Focus" in coaching with its 4 diagrams
  • How to find the right starting points and work with them
  • Practical exercises that you can use directly with your coachee
  • How you can achieve performance through coaching
  • completely new coaching ideas for working with D, I, S and G

Your expert bonus

As a participant, you receive the premium online report of "Personality in Focus" including a job profile worth € 80 free of charge. As a certified trainer for the Personality Factor Model, you can use this seminar to deepen your expertise in the area of "Coaching with Personality in Focus". You will receive detailed documentation and tools that you can use in your coaching, consulting and seminars.



  • You gain important insights about yourself, as you try out the most important methods directly in the seminar.
  • Step-by-step instructions for coaching sessions with "Personality in Focus
  • Reflection exercises for your coachees that you try out on yourself
  • New games and exercises that you can broadcast directly

Your trainers

Johannes Braun, Training und Mentoring

Johannes Braun

"Train the trainers and lead the leaders." These are the best words to describe his life's work and passion.

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