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Certification persolog® Teenager Profile

Whether schools, vocational schools, training companies or associations - all these organisations have a holistic educational mission. A central part of this mission is to promote the intellectual, mental and cognitive development of young people. With the persolog® Teenager Profile, you have a tool at your fingertips that supports you in mastering precisely this important challenge.

Based on the persolog® Personality Factor Model, the Teenager Profile has a concrete goal: to guide young people to self-reflection. "Who am I? What can I do? And where do I want to go? But also: "Why are others so different? And how do I deal with it? These are questions that the teenager profile raises - and which it would like to answer together with you and your young training participants.

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Your certification content

Give young people an insight into the world of 4 behavioural dimensions

  • Dominant (D): assertive and determined
  • Initiative (I): talkative and open
  • Steady (S): reliable and calming
  • Conscientious (G): disciplined and concerned

Help young people to learn more about their own behaviour, discover their strengths, and become aware of how they look to the outside world. Show them that other people have different potentials and how mutual appreciation and interaction of different strengths lead to common success.

How do you do that? You will find this out in the certification for the persolog® Teenager Profile.


Theoretical and mental introduction

  • Strengths + Situation = Success
  • Why interpersonal skills are so important
  • The strengths and non-strengths of the 4 behavioural dimensions
  • Why every person is unique


The 4 dimensions of behaviour

  • The persolog® Quadrant Model: How a combination of perception and reaction to the environment leads to behaviour
  • That's what happens when a strength becomes too strong
  • More than D, I, S and G: These are the 20 behavioral tendencies
  • How different strengths lead to common success


Additional theory input

  • From the Arena to the Blind Spot: The Central Statements of the Johari Window
  • Feedback: How to help others and yourself through constructive criticism
  • Motivation: Why different people are motivated by different things
  • Where you goin'? Reflections on the future


  • Joint development of the 6 training modules
    • Module 1: Introduction to the topic, training goals & Who is who
    • Building Block 2: The Human Personality - Why We Are Different
    • Module 3: The strengths of behavioral dimensions
    • Building block 4: Improving the 20 behavioural tendencies & cooperation
    • Module 5: Johari Window, Feedback & Action Plan
    • Additional module Z: Motivation and professional future
  • Theoretical input on the scientific foundation of the profile
  • Practice-proven exercises
  • Group work and presentations
  • Systematic feedback from speakers and groups


After certification

  • Wherever the focus is on the development of young people, the model offers a wide range of possible applications - for example in schools, vocational training, clubs and youth groups.


learning objectives

As a trainer, teacher or youth leader, you will learn how to

  • introduce the topic of personality development.
  • with the methodology of D, I, S and G.
  • help them discover their own strengths.
  • to raise awareness of human diversity and optimal cooperation.
  • to find and walk their way in life.


circle of participants

  • Teachers and trainers who wish to work with trainees and pupils in the field of personality development.
  • Trainers who would like to focus their knowledge from the certification of the persolog® Personality Factor Model on the target group of young people.
  • Youth leaders in clubs and youth groups
  • Students in Teaching Studies

Your trainers

Dettmar Leu – Your persolog trainer, Chief, Consultant and Coach

Dettmar Leu – Your persolog trainer

"It is an important task to support - and challenge - people at the beginning of their careers." Dettmar Leu is convinced of this. That's why he wants to make the persolog® Personality Factor Profile tangible, especially for young people, to show them: To discover one's own strengths and to learn to appreciate others in their diversity is the cornerstone for going through life successfully.

Learn more.

You will acquire background and trainer knowledge.

Experience yourself.

They apply the model to their own person.

Take along.

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It is a practical, directly implementable guide to encouraging teenagers.

Andreas Wicki

A must for all those who work with young people. Helps the young people to give something positive on their way.

Carolin Mayer

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