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In an ever faster society, individuals, systems and organizations must become more agile. They have to interact faster and better, they have to react faster and better. For this they need support - which the persolog® EnergyFactors model wants to provide.

Numerous models and instruments of persolog GmbH - e.g. the persolog® Personality Factor Model - focus more on human behaviour in order to enable self-development and make cooperation more effective. In contrast, the persolog® EnergyFactors Model now focuses on what lies beneath behavior: the motivational energy factors - the individual energy sources, which are based on our culture and value systems, which are inherent in each of us and which contribute to human thinking and acting within the framework of a dynamic process. Energy factors enable people to recognize their typical thought patterns. These thought patterns develop in people, groups and organizations. They can complement each other, but sometimes also contradict each other.

Why EnergyFactors?

EnergyFactors training aims to develop and expand people's knowledge about their own energy factors (= bio-psychosocial forces that drive and motivate people) and about energy structures in larger systems such as teams or organisations. Your participants deal with their own motives, values and needs and get to know their personal energy structure. Based on their findings, they develop individual strategies to bring their own self into better harmony with the environment in the long term.

The aim of the training is to provide participants with a tool with which they can better understand, influence and regulate many things in the future:

  • Why do I think the way I think?
  • Why do I behave the way I do?
  • Why do I do everything in certain situations to achieve a concrete goal?

These are questions that the persolog® EnergyFactors Profile raises - and which it would like to answer together with your participants. The goal of the training is to make people and organizations aware of what drives them and why different people are motivated for different reasons and by different things. You will learn which energy factors are particularly active in your current situation and how they influence your worldview or corporate philosophy.

This insight enables them to tackle new challenges constructively and successfully.

Better understanding of the persolog® EnergyFactors model

The persolog® EnergyFactors model is based on the theoretical principles of Spiral Dynamics theory and introduces an independent definition of energy factors. The energy factors in their unique form and mutual interaction contribute to the development of a certain dynamic, the so-called energy dynamics.

In the course of our lives our energy dynamics change again and again and develop spirally. Depending on the life situation and internal and external influences, certain energy factors are activated or deactivated. Depending on the challenges to be overcome, certain energy factors gain in importance and support us in meeting the challenge appropriately. If a change between already activated energy factors is no longer possible, it is not possible to develop sufficient coping strategies to master the challenges of life. In order to better meet the demands, the change to another energy factor is likely.

The persolog® EnergyFactors model distinguishes 7 energy factors that give our lives energy. The names of the 7 energy factors - safety, strength, structure, success, harmony, vision and holism - partly correspond to the terms Beck and Cowan. Some of them have been completely revised and adapted to current research and socio-social conditions. The illustration serves to visualize the persolog® EnergyFactors model.

The persolog® EnergyFactors model at a glance

Depending on the situation, we generate our energy sometimes more from our inner world, sometimes more from the outer world. This is why the persolog® EnergyFactors model also distinguishes between the I- reference (the three I- related energy factors: strength, success and vision) and the WE- reference (the four WIR- related energy factors: security, structure, harmony and holism).

Analysis of personal and organizational energy factors

With the persolog® EnergyFactors analysis, the energy factors of individual persons as well as of teams, departments or organizations can be recorded. This analysis should be understood as a screening procedure rather than a diagnostic tool. The method provides insight into the driving forces of a person - the energy factors that strongly influence their decisions, thoughts and actions. The energy factors that a person prefers and rejects are brought to light.

Two questionnaires are available: the questionnaire for recording personal energy factors (print and online) and the questionnaire for recording organizational energy factors (online only). The questionnaires were developed by EnergyDrives® (2002) in the Netherlands based on the Spiral Dynamics theory and adapted by persolog GmbH for the German-speaking area.

Print (paper pencil profile):

The persolog® EnergyFactors Profile contains the questionnaire for recording personal energy factors. The profile allows you to process the questionnaire using the scratch technique (14 question blocks), to evaluate the results in the form of an energy chart and to analyse the content of the results in 5 interpretation levels.


1. The questionnaire for recording personal energy factors can also be edited electronically, analogous to print.

The results are evaluated automatically. The electronic evaluation report in PDF format contains the individual energy chart and further in-depth interpretations. In contrast to print, the online report contains a personalized list of the aspects of the energy factors that the participant considers to be particularly important in his current phase of life and under the given circumstances.

2. In addition, the questionnaire for determining organizational energy factors can be edited online. This part of the questionnaire is optional. The results are also evaluated automatically. In contrast to the detailed analysis of the personal energy factors, the evaluation of the organizational part contains exclusively an energy chart with the description of individualized aspects of the energy factors in relation to the respective organization. The aim is to uncover motives, values and needs which the participant shows to his organisation or which he prefers in his working environment. These energy factors shape his way of thinking and his perception of the organisation.

Certification as persolog EnergyFactors model

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Certification as persolog® EnergyFactors model

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