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How well are you equipped for crises and challenges? With our free online self-check, you’ll find out how resilient you are and in which areas you can strengthen your resilience.

Discover what makes us resilient

That's how simple it is

Take 5 minutes

Answer 20 questions

Get your result immediately

You will find out:

How you deal with changes

How easily (or difficult) it is for you to accept and embrace your life

How reflective you are

✓ How much you are influenced by your emotions

How you can use this knowledge to become more resilient

Here's how the resilience self-check works:

Here's how the resilience self-check works:

Answer 20 questions quickly and easily that provide insights into your resilience.

The result will reveal how you assess your competence in the 4 areas of resilience:

You will learn about what exactly is behind these 4 areas and what it says about your inner strength in the result.

Resilience - What does that mean?

Life deals each of us different cards: we are born into different circumstances, grow up in various ways, and experience different things throughout our lives. Whether we have a relatively calm life path or a stormy one often isn’t within our control. However, what is within our control is how we play the cards that life deals us. How we face challenges and changes. And whether setbacks throw us off course or we use them in the long run to our advantage.

The latter is a sign of resilience. Resilience doesn’t mean that you will never stumble, fall, or find yourself deep in the stormy ocean. Instead, it’s about understanding difficulties as challenges and opportunities for growth. It’s about having the ability and equipment over time to resurface, no matter how deep you fall.

The result of the Resilience Check helps you understand which areas influence your resilience. It provides you with a good starting point to further develop your resilience competence. This way, you can specifically strengthen individual resilience areas.

What's behind it: the persolog® Resilience Model

Resilient people are capable of handling stress and flexible. They manage to overcome crises and, more importantly, emerge strengthened from them. This means that resilient individuals navigate more challenging situations and overcome obstacles more effectively. The Modèle de résilience persolog® makes resilience competence visible. Its theoretical foundation is based on scientific studies and professional publications from various disciplines, as well as current findings from resilience research. The model is built on four competence areas: Accepting, Feeling, Orienting, and Understanding. It enables you to recognize and enhance your own resilience competence. Because we believe: Resilience can be learned!

What does the Resilience Check bring?

Reflecting on oneself and one’s resilience competence triggers something in both professional and personal life. This results in improvements in:

 your resilience and inner strength,

 your handling of changes, obstacles, difficulties, and crises in life,

 your external influence, as well as self-responsibility and self-awareness.

Why our Resilience Check is not a test

The persolog® Resilience Check is a self-assessment tool and not a test. The term “test” implies a comparison of results, suggesting a hierarchy of “better or worse” among individuals. However, our belief is that every person is unique, and this uniqueness extends to individual self-perception. While one person may generally think more positively about themselves, another may be more self-critical. Therefore, it’s important to emphasize that this is about you and how you perceive yourself. Use your results to discover your own developmental potentials. The Resilience Check will support you on your journey towards greater inner strength and resilience.

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