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The certification for the persolog® Resilience Model

Resilience Trainer Training

In the state-recognized certification for the persolog® Personal Resilience Model, you learn how to support people in building their resilience competence. Our master trainer and managing director, Debora Karsch, accompanies you on your journey to greater resilience.

State-approved and also available as a digital training – includes certificate

The Training Contents at a Glance

Here is something for everyone – In these formats, you can complete the certifications:

BASIC: Digital Certification
Here, you can start anytime. Your training is independent of time and location.

SELECT: Blended Learning Certification
Multiple start dates are available. You can acquire the learning contents on your own and simultaneously have the opportunity to participate in live sessions with our master trainers.

PREMIUM: On-site / Live-Online Certification
A 2-day certification near you or live-online. You can expect an intensive training in a small group with one of our master trainers. With this certification, you’ll receive a lot of printed materials.

BASIC: Digital Certification

  • You can start at any time.
  • The duration of the training is very individual here. On average, it takes about 3 months to complete the entire digital certification. However, if you need more time, that’s not a problem. You are not limited by time in our Online Academy. Access to the certification remains available to you.
  • Fees: 1.698 Euro plus VAT.

Blended Learning Certification

  • You can start at any time.
  • From the start, you can participate in as many live sessions as you like. These sessions take place once a month for 90 minutes.
  • The training is also designed to last for roundabout 3 months here. The advantage here is that even beyond this period, you can continue to engage with the master trainers and ask your questions in the live sessions.
  • Fees: 1.898 Euro plus VAT.

PREMIUM: On-site / Live-Online Certification

  • 2-day in-person certification with a completion certificate issued directly afterward
  • Unlimited access to the digital certification in the Online Academy
  • The certification takes place in a small group of participants.
  • Exchange and networking are highly emphasized here.
  • Next Start Dates:
    15.-16. April 2024 in Remchingen 
    03.-04. July 2024, Live-Online
    09.-10. October 2024, Live-Online
  • Fees: 2.198 Euro plus VAT.

With your certification, there are no additional costs involved – we promise!

Is your life currently different? Contact us now for your individual start date!

Training Content:
The persolog® Resilience Certification offers a comprehensive training to prepare people for life’s challenges. Based on 10 resilience factors, including Acceptance, Responsibility, Self-Efficacy Expectation, Positive Emotions, Impulse Control, Realistic Optimism, Solution Orientation, Social Support, Causal Analysis, and Empathy, important competencies are developed. The training enables independent learning and deepening of topics and provides a trainer guide for tailored training. With proven methods and exercises, the preparation time for trainers is significantly reduced, while they provide participants with valuable tools to strengthen their resilience.

After successfully completing your certification, you will receive a certificate as a certified persolog® Resilience Trainer.

Les certification is suitable for trainers, consultants, HR professionals, and coaches who want to use the persolog® Resilience Model in one of the following areas:

  • Change Management
  • Recruiting
  • Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Employee Leadership

No, there is no prerequisite for this training. However, a certain affinity for psychological or counseling topics as well as practical experience in coaching, training, or consulting areas should be present.

The digital learning units are provided through our Online Academy. There, you will receive personal access and can access the learning content without restrictions. In the Online Academy, you always keep track of your progress, see pending lessons, and completed units. Along the way, you can test your knowledge with short quizzes. Additionally, all necessary materials for your training are available in digital form.

The Blended Learning live sessions and the live-online certifications are conducted via Zoom.

For in-person certifications, you can expect a small group of participants. Additionally, we provide you with food, drinks, and snacks.

Furthermore, we welcome you into our large trainer community, where you can exchange ideas and network with other trainers.

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Table of Contents

Based on this, the Resilience Trainer Training is built

Discover what makes us resilient

Resilience is not always innate but can also be trained. Therefore we have developed the Modèle de résilience persolog®. In our Resilience Model, we examine the 4 areas of resilience: “Acceptance, Feeling, Orienting, and Understanding”.

Within these 4 areas, there are 10 resilience factors that can be specifically trained and developed.
The following factors are considered in the Resilience Model: (Graphic with 10 factors)

The persolog® Resilience Model is an effective tool for examining the resilience competence of individuals in a differentiated manner and supporting them in expanding their inner resilience, as well as successfully coping with crises and challenges.

Therefore, your role as a Resilience Trainer is crucial

In a world often characterized by stress and challenges, people need support to strengthen their inner resilience. As a Resilience Trainer, you are the one who helps these individuals develop their skills to better navigate the ups and downs of life.

Through your expertise and empathetic guidance, you enable individuals and groups to better understand themselves, learn positive coping strategies and strengthen their resilience in the long term. Moreover your work contributes to individuals unlocking their full potential and leading fulfilling lives despite adverse circumstances.

Create an supportive envirement

As a Resilience Trainer, you possess strong empathic abilities to empathize with your participants’ situations. Through empathy, you create a supportive and trusting environment where challenges can be openly discussed.

Develop resilience trainer qualities

As a Resilience Trainer, you gain a solid knowledge of resilience concepts and methods, as well as practical experience in applying these techniques. This allows you to effectively convey strategies for strengthening resilience as a trainer.

Motivate your participants

As a Resilience Trainer, you have communicative skills to convey complex concepts clearly and build supportive communication with your participants. Clear and empathetic communication helps build trust and strengthen motivation.

Werde widerstandsfähiger durch Resilienz

Free informational material about the training

You would like more information about the Trainer Certification? Then we would be happy to send you further information. Just leave us your email address and name here. Alternatively, you can also book a free and non-binding consultation directly here.

In my quest for a suitable certification, I came across persolog®. It turned out to be the best decision. Why? Because now I have the knowledge I need about resilience, and furthermore, a practical tool. With it, I can offer my clients a clear, vivid, and adaptable approach to resilience tailored to their needs.

Rising again after difficult times is what makes the difference! That's exactly what I learned in Debora's seminar. Afterward, I gained clarity about my behavior and why I am the way I am and how I act! It's the perfect seminar for anyone looking to understand how they can change their behavior to achieve different results!

The digital certification for the Resilience Model is excellently presented and, despite my usual preference for offline methods, truly impressed me! Debora manages to create a very personal atmosphere in the training videos, effectively delivering informative and lasting content.

Plus de 14 000 formateurs dans le monde et de nombreuses entreprises de renom collaborent avec nous.

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