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EnergyFactors Model

How to recognize your inner power - and release hidden energies

Certification as persolog® EnergyFactors model

Where does my behavior come from? What drives me? What gives me energy? And what does it rob me of? persolog® EnergyFactors gives you the chance to find out. With EnergyFactors you recognize the source of your inner strength - and thus your success.

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The brand new persolog® model looks below the behavioural level

It sees what is normally not visible. It brings to light the core of motivation and job satisfaction.

What drives the behavior of your employees and customers? Your individual energy factors. If you know them, you can respond even better to each individual. You recognize the origin of inner tensions - and know where to start in order to resolve them.


What certification for EnergyFactors brings you

  • You experience which motives, values and needs give you energy - and which rob you of energy.
  • You get access to a tool that is worth its weight in personality development, team building and countless other areas.
  • After certification, you can use EnergyFactors individually with your customers and employees - and thus initiate the path to sustainable change.

Your trainers

Debora Karsch – Your persolog trainer, persolog Consultant

Debora Karsch – Your persolog trainer

"It is often the leap into the unknown that leads to the next level." If you ask Debora Karsch for a motto that inspires her and guides her in her work, she will call these words. And not without reason: She is convinced that real development is only possible if you dare something new.

Johannes Braun, Training und Mentoring

Johannes Braun

"Train the trainers and lead the leaders." These are the best words to describe his life's work and passion.

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21.11.2019 - 22.11.2019München 2.498 EUR*
03.12.2019 - 04.12.2019Berlin 2.498 EUR*
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