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"Values are like fingerprints. No one has the same but you leave them behind in everything you do."

Much better than the quote from Elvis Presley, you can hardly describe the influence of values on your life. Everyone has values. Completely individual. And often, perhaps you know this yourself, we don't even know exactly which values we actually have.

Values affect everything you do

The world is becoming more and more complex. You have to change much more often in your life than e.g. your grandparents had to. This also means that the knowledge of values is much more important today. Values give support. They are the foundation of your life. And since they are so important for each individual, it automatically has an influence on every team and every company. Also on yours.

Eisbergmodell Werte und Einstellungen

How do you get to know your inner compass - and that of your company - better?

✔ Determine individual Werte

✔ Identify and define Unternehmenswerte

✔ Reduce value conflicts with others Menschen

✔ Increase employee retention through shared Werte

✔ Lay the foundation for your value-oriented corporate culture

First of all it is about your values

Your individual values are your inner compass. You have values that are important to you. But how much do you use them to align your life accordingly? With the strategy planner for individual values, you can do this in simple steps.

Decisive for your success: Corporate values

With the VAS study you put the values in your company to the test. You will receive a comprehensive analysis and see how you compare to other successful companies on average. With this knowledge you can ensure a lasting change in your value culture. Guaranteed!

Download: 7 Gründe für VAS

Practical seminar "Leading with values - living values together"

Products for Values and Settings

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