D, I, S and C Celebrate Christmas


D, I, S und G feiern Weihnachten


Dominant, Influencing, Steady, and Cautious: Which personality type do you identify with?

Christmas is around the corner, the most contemplative time of the year when one can simply enjoy spending time with family. Ever wondered how Christmas would unfold if D, I, S, and C gathered under the Christmas tree? We have a notion because sometimes clichés are just fun, yet somehow hold a grain of truth😉.





Even before the celebration, different priorities can be observed. D sets the goal of presenting the best gifts. Engaged in evening research online, he strives to snag the ultimate presents for his loved ones at an unbeatable price!

Meanwhile, S, alongside I, delves into planning the Christmas evening, placing great emphasis on adhering to established family traditions. When I suggests serving homemade sushi instead of the same old sausages with potato salad, S isn’t immediately enthused. While S might consider something new, altering the whole menu seems excessive. Besides, S knows C wouldn’t approve, and if there’s one thing sacred to S about Christmas Eve, it’s the harmonious gathering of loved ones. With that thought, S retrieves the photo album with pictures from past Christmas evenings, reminiscing.

Then the phone rings. C calls to inquire about the progress of Christmas Eve plans and if he could take a look. Ideally, C would like to handle the planning himself to ensure that details like the song sheet for group singing, which were forgotten last year, are not overlooked. If only C knew that I would be designing the song sheet this year, incorporating brand new Christmas songs he just found online…



Christmas Eve


The time arrives. On Christmas Eve, D, I, S, and C gather in I’s living room. That morning, I quickly raided the decoration store, sparing no expense to transform the living room into a winter wonderland. It sparkles and glitters in every corner. S is overjoyed at the sight and embraces I in excitement. C is not at all pleased with the real candles on the Christmas tree. However, since C is familiar with this from previous years, he has brought along his fire extinguisher just in case—hopefully, nothing will go wrong. D arrives with a triumphant grin. He is confident that he has secured the top spot in the unofficial gift ranking and is eager to begin the gift-giving. However, there’s no escaping the group singing for D this year either. After S finds a reconciliatory compromise between I and C regarding song selection, they can finally start. C excuses himself before the end of the program to head to the kitchen to arrange potato salad and sausages on plates, perhaps also to escape those dreadful new songs. Will C muster the courage to try the unusual dessert (edible Christmas baubles with cream-filled gingerbread), which I created with the help of a YouTube tutorial? D finds the dessert inedible and doesn’t hesitate to make that known at the festive table.



Gift Exchange


During the gift exchange, there are many surprises (or maybe not). C gifts I a planner for the new year, naturally with a genuine leather cover, as C is certain I hasn’t taken care of it yet. C has already noted down birthdays from their friend circle to make I’s life easier. I surprises D, S, and C with a voucher for a shared adventure hiking weekend in the Allgäu region—paragliding included! This gift gets D’s blood pumping. Admittedly, it’s very creative and somewhat overshadows the fitness trackers with ambitious training plans that he got for I, S, and C. Why didn’t D think of this himself? Now D doesn’t feel like presenting his gifts anymore. With a stony expression, he hands out his packages to the other celebrants. S senses the unfavorable change in mood and feverishly considers how to cheer up D. Presenting his gifts is no longer important to S. How can the mood on Christmas Eve be salvaged? Then S laughs and says, “You know what? I attended a seminar at persolog recently about the four personality tendencies: Dominant, Influencing, Steady, and Cautious. Somehow, we all behaved quite typically. Isn’t it brilliant that despite some disagreements, we complement and enrich each other? I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful Christmas than with you all!” After a brief moment, D, I, and S also smile and nod in agreement. With a glass of red wine, everyone raises a toast to their uniqueness, and S can finally relax and hand out his gifts.


In this spirit—merry and peaceful Christmas!


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