Challenge of Home Office: 5 Tips on How to Work Productively from Home


Herausforderung Homeoffice: 5 Tipps, wie du produktiv von zu Hause arbeitest

The current situation presents us all with enormous challenges. One of these many challenges is the sudden transition to working from home. Even though remote work aligns with the current trend and is being offered in more and more companies, the majority of employees still have the traditional “9 to 5” office job.

To help you master the challenge of working from home, we have 5 tips for you on how to better resist distractions and temptations at home:


#1 Establish a Routine


Those who normally go to the office have a set daily routine in their lives, which is also crucial for working from home. Sleeping in until 10 a.m. and then leisurely having breakfast is not very conducive to your productivity. Try to wake up early, have breakfast, and then get straight to work. If you repeat this routine for a few days, it will become normal for you. Your outfit shouldn’t be underestimated either. Instead of staying in sweatpants all day, get dressed as if you have to leave the house. This signals to your body that relaxation is not on the agenda right now. You don’t necessarily have to wear business attire, but at least wear a “normal” outfit. It’s purely psychological, but often, such small things make a difference.

This notebook supports you in building good habits and routines.

By the way: In our workbook by Lothar Seiwert and Anjana Ahnfeldt, the topic is time management. If you master these methods, you can also excel in managing your everyday tasks in the home office. Find out more now!


#2 Create a Comfortable Environment


Even though you’re working from home, try to separate your personal space from your workspace. Ideally, if you have an extra room to set up your workspace where you can close the door when needed. If that’s not possible, at least designate a specific corner where work is done. Equally important is the setup of your workspace. A comfortable chair that doesn’t harm your back and allows you to sit for extended periods is essential. Proper lighting and a decent desk are also important. Otherwise, working from home can quickly become pure exertion, affecting your motivation.

This practical LED lamp operates without constant power supply, is dimmable in various brightness levels, individually adjustable, and best of all: when you no longer need it, you can simply fold and store it away. It’s available in different colors to match your decor. A letter tray is also handy for organizing your documents, preferably one that looks nice in your office. Or how about a cozy sheepskin as a seat cushion?


#3 Prioritize Your To-Dos


Dividing your pending tasks into Priority A, B, and C helps you see what needs to be done first and what isn’t as urgent at the moment. It’s even better if you write down these priorities so you can always refer back to them and tick off completed tasks. This not only shows you what you still have to do but also what you’ve already accomplished, giving you a positive feeling automatically. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to look at their to-do list at the end of the day with lots of crossed-off tasks? With a to-do list pad, you can easily prioritize and visualize your tasks.


#4 Take Conscious Breaks


In your normal office routine, you don’t work straight through the entire day; you take a lunch break and grab a coffee in between. You should maintain that in your home office too. Cook yourself a delicious lunch or take a short walk. It’ll clear your mind. Also important: don’t forget to ventilate the room occasionally. Fresh air and oxygen help you refocus better. How about a cup of coffee?


#5 Quitting Time Means Quitting Time


Especially when your workplace is at home, the temptation to quickly check emails in the evening is high. Of course, sometimes something is urgent, but most of the time, it can wait until tomorrow. Therefore, it’s important to set a clear end to your workday and enjoy your evenings and weekends off. Because if you’ve been productive throughout the workday, you’ve earned it!

Who wants to spend ages cooking after a long workday? Most people don’t. That’s why this after-work cookbook only features recipes that take no longer than 30 minutes. Perfect for a relaxing evening after work.

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