8 Trainer Hacks for a Successful Online Seminar


8 Trainer Hacks für ein gelungenes Online-Seminar


Through the ongoing COVID situation for the past two years, trainers have been facing unprecedented challenges. Even if some have long avoided offering their seminars online, it’s becoming increasingly clear that those who want to stay in business must also embrace digital methods. If you have little experience with online seminars and have been hesitant to try this format, don’t worry. It’s possible to adapt a face-to-face concept into a digital offering. Especially competency trainings like time management, stress management, resilience, etc., can be transferred almost 1:1 if you consider a few things. Our master trainer, Anjana Ahnfeldt, shares 8 online seminar hacks that have proven successful in her work as a trainer.


Hack #1:


If it’s important to maintain your personal touch even in the online format, you can photograph your flipcharts and incorporate them into your PowerPoint presentation. Make sure to use good lighting to ensure that the charts look professional.


Hack #2:


Instead of using moderation cards, you can work online with rectangular shapes in the PowerPoint presentation. These can then be adjusted in the corresponding colors as in a live training.


Hack #3:


You can use open providers like Google Slides, where groups can create their respective work results if the access rights are set so that anyone with the link can access it. So you always have a plenum Google presentation and then group presentations, in addition to your slides in the PowerPoint presentation.


Hack #4:


Interaction and exchange are also important online to ensure participants have a “complete” seminar experience and can derive the maximum benefit from the seminar. Therefore, be sure to plan group exercises. Breakout sessions, which are easily implemented in platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, are suitable for this. Tip: with persolog Tools, our digital toolbox with group games and explanatory videos, you have a professional instrument for more variety at hand.


Hack #5:


Due to the variety of brilliant online tools, trainers are quickly tempted to use too many tools in an online seminar. The use of different platforms should only be done if it benefits content delivery – so only use Mentimeter, Conceptboard, and Co. if it cannot also be “simplified.” Some variation is not wrong, but as a trainer, you don’t have to prove that you know all platforms – the focus should still be on the content (not the technology).


Hack #6:


Many people find online seminars in front of the screen more exhausting than face-to-face seminars. Therefore, plan several 5-minute breaks. That’s enough to catch your breath. If you have the opportunity, it’s better to divide your training into several days instead of giving everything at once (e.g., instead of 1-day live, 2 x 4 hours). This way, your participants benefit more.


Hack #7:


It has been shown that online seminars are much more pleasant and effective for both participants and you as a trainer when you limit the number of participants more strongly and accept fewer participants than you would in a face-to-face event on the same topic. For example, I work best with 8 people online in seminars that I conducted in person with 12-15 people.


Hack #8:


The use of persolog profiles and strategy planners also works wonderfully in online seminars. I always use the “raise hand” function when participants are finished filling out a profile or an exercise. Then I know when I can continue, which I would otherwise see better live. Additionally, you can use online profiles via eport.


Anjana Ahnfeldt,

Product Manager persolog Time Management Model & Master Trainer


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