How to Realign Your Focus: The 5-Step Program


Wie du deinen Fokus neu ausrichtest – das 5 Schritte-Programm


Do you have a job you’d rather leave? Are you self-employed and juggling multiple topics requiring different skills? Are you a leader with unsuccessful products, hesitant to let go? Do you want to make a change but feel hesitant? Then these five steps can help you.

Let’s consider this concrete example: as a self-employed individual, you are a trainer, moderator, and also work for a colleague who frequently faces shortages. You’re grateful to him, so you continue working for him. However, you internally feel that you want to close this door but don’t know how to approach it. Here’s what you can do:


#1 Create an Open-Doors List:


Note down all the doors you currently keep open in the area in question. The aim is to gain an overview of the current state. Often, we have more doors open than we think.


#2 Classify all doors into these three categories:


The first category is A = Definitely keep. The second category is B = Unsure, and the third category is C = Check out, meaning: Say goodbye as soon as possible.


#3 Start with all As:


When you no longer want to do certain things, the question is always: What will you do instead? That’s the most crucial first step. Do you want to do more moderation or more training? What do you want to expand? Where is your focus? Before thinking about what you no longer want to do in the future, first consider what you want to do. Then you can focus on closing and saying goodbye.


#4 Address all Cs:


Now it’s about making a list of all Cs. With these points, you know you no longer want them. Often, the question is only: How? Make a list of all Cs and write next to them: When do you want to close this door and how specifically will you do it. For some issues, this will be very easy, for others, somewhat challenging. Here, it’s worth asking yourself the following question: What would need to change about one of the open doors for me to be willing to close the other?


#5 Now address all Bs:


Are you unsure? Then you can ask yourself: What would I do if all circumstances were perfect? For example, you may no longer want to work for the colleague but don’t have enough other jobs. Then you may want to expand the other door first before closing another. But it may also be that the other door only opens further when you close another. Here, it’s important to weigh the options individually and not be hasty. Let your thoughts linger for a few days or weeks, notice what you think, and what fears and concerns arise. Then decide and proceed just like with all Cs.

By following this 5-step program, you realign your focus, say goodbye to old things, and make room for what you want to do.


Debora Karsch, CEO and Master Trainer at persolog GmbH

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