This is what the new persolog Personal Mastery Report can do


Das kann der neue persolog Personal Mastery Report

Product developer Dr. Lana Ott in an interview


persolog products are continuously evolving. We aim not only to meet new content and technical requirements but also to provide the best possible benefits for our trainers. A particularly outstanding product related to the persolog Personality Model is the new persolog® Personal Mastery Report. We asked persolog product developer Dr. Lana Ott about the opportunities this new online profile offers for trainers and why it provides real added value.


What is the persolog Mastery Report, and where can persolog trainers use it?


The new persolog® Personal Mastery Report provides our trainers with the opportunity to offer a comprehensive and detailed interpretation based on the individual personality profile (and optionally the job profile), primarily for coaching purposes. In a process, trainers and coaches accompany their clients on their journey to professional and personal development. The online profile is modular, allowing the content to be quite flexible and tailored to the needs of the client and specific coaching goals.

The focus of the report is on a person’s behavior, which is influenced by their Outer, Inner, and Integrated Self-image – the intended, hidden, and observable behavior. These three perspectives form the basis for the various Mastery Steps of the report. The online profile empowers trainers and coaches to work through many different topics in detail with the coachee, such as successful collaboration, motivation, internal tensions, or conflict management, and invite them to reflect on their own practices and develop targeted action plans. Depending on the focus set at the beginning of the cooperation with the coachee, the Personal Mastery Report is universally applicable – both in the professional and private context.


What are the key differences between the Personal Mastery Report and its predecessor “Personality in Focus”?


The persolog Personal Mastery Report is a completely revised and expanded version of the online profile “Personality in Focus.” Compared to its predecessor, this report offers many advantages:

  • The report has an entirely new look – modern, attractive, and reader-friendly.
  • Structure and layout: The Personal Mastery Report includes a detailed table of contents in the form of a concise and clear summary of all interpretations contained in the online profile. A significant improvement concerns the interactive nature of the report. The user has the option to edit their report directly on the screen without having to print it. This allows them to highlight or underline the descriptions that are important to them and to work on the exercises for reflection and action plans directly on the computer, saving the document as a PDF file locally.
  • Content representation: All content from the predecessor report online profile “Personality in Focus” is included in the new Mastery Report – albeit in a stylistically modified form and in a changed order.
  • Additional content: The contents from our classic, the persolog® Personality Factor Profile specifically interpretation levels 4 – 7, have also been incorporated into the Mastery Report.


What variants of the Personal Mastery Report are currently available?


In the future, the 5 variants of the Personal Mastery Report will be available for order by our trainers on These are:

Work on the first two variants, Basic and Pro, is already complete. They can be ordered by all certified trainers in the persolog® Online Shop and managed in the Profile Administration. Currently, we are focusing entirely on the further two variants, Executive and Job, which we will make available to our trainers and coaches as soon as possible. We look forward to it!

Thank you for this insightful overview!


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