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Over 14,000 trainers worldwide and numerous well-known companies are collaborating with us.

How can people collaborate more effectively? persolog® addresses this question. Under this premise, we have been developing learning tools for more than 20 years, focusing on social and personal competencies for training, coaching, as well as personnel development and occupational health management.

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The persolog instruments have been consistently inspiring me and my clients for over 10 years. The acceptance among participants is exceptionally high.

Professionalism, meaningfulness, and a strong foundation. I highly appreciate these aspects in working with persolog.

The organization, friendliness, and service at persolog have particularly impressed me!

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persolog Team Resilience Model

What makes teams resilient

Team resilience: What it entails

We need strong teams! Teams that are capable of surviving crises. Team resilience can make this possible. But what lies behind this concept? Find out more about the 6 factors of team resilience and the persolog Team Resilience Model.

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