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Through people, we develop organizations. How can people work together more effectively and productively? In persolog, we work from this premise and develop learning instruments around social and personal competencies for use in training, coaching and development of employees and occupational health. We are happy to advise you without obligation in relation to your organization’s individual needs:

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Certification for the persolog® Personality Factor Model

with Jens Overgaard Nielsen

Understand the behavioral logic in two days. Today, there is a huge range of learning instruments and personal profiles for team, leadership and personal development. As a development consultant, teacher or coach, the question is therefore absolutely relevant to choose to work with the persolog® Personality Factor Model

with Jens Overgaard Nielsen

Less stress – more quality of life. Higher, faster and longer is OK as long as you set the speed. The word stress originally comes from physics and does not mean other pressure or tension. It makes sense, because when does stress arise in us? Just when you’re under pressure.

with Jens Overgaard Nielsen

Solve valuable tasks time-efficiently
Time and time again, we read that the classic 8-hour working day is all but dead: Employers are increasingly leaving employees to organise their own workdays at work, and home offices are no longer a rarity. Employees are responsible for planning their working day. The topic of time management is becoming more and more sensitive.

with Camilla Heinholt

Are you ready to take your coaching business to the next level?
Then join the Master’s thesis in stress and mental health and create spot on results for your stress-affected clients and growth in your own coaching business.
The thesis is created for you who want to be a better stress coach and want to expand your skills to work professionally and effectively with stress management and prevention.

You want to learn more about our Partner in Denmark "Stress-Profilen" please click here
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