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Are you planning an event and still look for the right speaker? Are you curious about the master trainers who will accompany you during our certifications? Here you can find an overview of our worldwide master trainers.

Master trainer Germany & Austria

persolog Mastertrainer Debora Karsch

Debora Karsch

Managing Director persolog GmbH,
Author and Trainer
Passion for what she does is a prerequisite for her to be successful. She firmly believes that true progress is only possible when one dares to venture into something new.

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persolog Mastertrainer Friedbert Gay

Friedbert Gay

Managing Director persolog Management GmbH
The enthusiasm for people and their personalities is palpable from the very first moment with Friedbert Gay. Through his captivating and authentic speaking style, he consistently manages to captivate and inspire his audience.

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Anjana Ahnfeldt

Certified for Timemanagement

She is characterized by a high degree of curiosity and self-discipline in every life situation. The participants of her time management trainings also perceive the associated expertise. Combined with her patient, engaging, and simultaneously challenging demeanor, she succeeds in igniting enthusiasm for the topic among the training participants and initiating sustainable processes of reflectionand change.

Nathalie Sonntag

Certified for Personality | Teenager | Self-leadership | Energy Factors
After successfully completing her psychology studies, she channels her passion for supporting individuals in their personal development into action through research and training at persolog.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Wolff

Certified for Personality | Stress | Resilience | Team resilience
He appreciates when things are clearly named and therefore enjoys helping to create clarity. This approach shapes his trainings, coaching sessions, and seminars.

Joachim Leu

Certified for Personality | Teenager
As a leader of many volunteers, many of them teenagers and young adults, his focus is to discover and nurture talents and abilities of diverse personalities. His great passion is to see people blossom and develop a healthy self-confidence.

Martin Helmut

Certified for Personality | Self-Leadership
He has been working in the field of executive development, coaching, and team development for years. He strikes the right tone, argues with solid factual foundation, drawing from a broad range of experiences, and with a willingness for an appropriate level of confrontation.
Christopher Hirth_Mastertrainer_persolog

Christopher Hirth

Certified for Personality
He is the first employee at Enable People and loves to accompany people in discovering their potential and challenging them to greatness as a systemic consultant and coach. His core interests include not only individual development but also team-level development through the promotion of effective leadership and cultural development.

Melanie Bühler

Certified for Personality
As a trained systemic coach from the Coaching Academy Stuttgart, Melanie lives by the motto "More freedom through a different perspective." Her passion for versatility is evident in her roles as a certified systemic consultant, workshop facilitator, agile coach, and master trainer. Since 2011, she has been assisting various team configurations at the world's largest automotive supplier, helping them establish a solid foundation to ensure cohesion in the turbulent work environment.

Marei Schmitt

Certified for Resilience
Her vision to support people in better understanding themselves, fostering personal growth, promoting self-acceptance, and achieving goals are the crucial reasons why she wholeheartedly pursues her work.

Rebecca Schroth

Certified for Resilience | Team resilience
People fascinate her. For Rebecca, it is always exciting to discover how diverse people´s experiences and behaviors can be. She is interested in how people make decisions, judge, or solve problems.

Gabriele Braemer

Certified for Personality | Energy Factors | Team resilience
The expertise of Gabriele Braemer clear entrance® is to accompany organisations and teams in creating excellency and a successful collaboration within all diversity - inspiring, pragmatic, well-founded, methodologically diverse. In German and English. For long-term effectiveness and "help for self-help".

Johannes Braun

Certified for Personality | Stress | Energy Factors
„Train the trainers and lead the leaders“ – These words best describe his life mission. His passion lies in helping executives to further develop their personal growth and leadership skills.

Renate Wittman

Certified for Personality | Teenager | Stress | Learning and Teaching
A graduate in education, she is concerned both academically and practically with how adult education can succeed. As managing director of scio.zone, she supports teachers and learners in mastering the digital transformation in education.

Tanja Rug

Certified for Resilience
She has been working as a coach and consultant for over 20 years. Specializing in coaching, training, and communication, her focus is on collaborating with people in leadership positions.

Franziska Kühne

Certified for Self-Leadership | Organisational Resilience
Due to her extensive experience in the business world, she views time management as a key competency for proactively addressing everyday challenges. The goal is to optimize the participants' or clients' self-efficacy. They appreciate the empathetic approach, which quickly establishes a trustworthy level of rapport, enabling effective facilitation of the change process.

Thomas Eisinger

Certified for Personality
Dr. Thomas Eisinger is an experienced trainer, coach, and lecturer at the International University Bad Liebenzell. His passion lies in discovering and nurturing the potential of individuals and teams, which he has achieved through his experience in experiential pedagogical research and as the head of the Department of Child and Youth Work at the Liebenzeller Mission. At persolog, he is responsible for certifications and specialized team seminars, accompanying his seminar participants to surpass themselves and unleash their full potential.

Christian Petersen

Certified for Teenager
With over 15 years of experience in accompanying and advising young people on personal development and career exploration, I bring a wealth of experience related to the teenage target group. Additionally, as a trainer for the personality profile and a certified coach, I possess extensive expertise and a repertoire of tools and methods to provide optimal support to teenagers during this unique phase of life.

Andreas Donath

Certified for Personality
With over 30 years of experience in administration, non-profit organisations and the church sector, Andreas Donath is passionate about supporting people and organisations in precisely these areas. As a trainer and senior consultant for the xpand Sfiftung, Andreas Donath is responsible for certification for the non-profit sector in Germany.

International master trainers

Viktoria Kulcsar

Certified for Personality | Resilience | Stress | Timemanagement | Teenager
Dr. Viktoria Kulcsar is a psychologist and a persolog master trainer in Hungary. Her qualifications are based on a strong academic background and practice in facilitating workshops in Hungarian and in English. Her expertise lies in her studies, practical experiences and trainer skills.

Peter Kulcsar

Certified for Personality | Resilience | Stress | Timemanagement | Teenager
Peter Kulcsar in a Specialist in self-assessment tools, analyzing personality profiles and facilitating behavioral change. Helps organizations to grow by developing people in their social and leadership skills.

Vincent Zeylmans van Emmichoven

Certified for Personality | Organisational Resilience | Stress
Vincent brings in a knowhow out of 5 European countries where he lived and worked in intercultural settings. He has a background in the cosmetics and healthcare industry. His span of control was up to 60 people on different hierarchy levels. He combines the results of the Persolog models with his leadership experiences in many practical examples.

Janez Hudovernik

Certified for Personality | Resilience | Organisational Resilience
His speciality is the development of highly effective teams in various industries through persolog personality model. He has gained profound knowledge in the telecommunications, automotive, retail and finance sectors. His delivery is engaging, practical and supportive. He also has a strong reputation for working with successful sports teams in the topics of full engagement and personal resiliency.

Camilla Heinholt

Certified for Resilience | Stress Model
As a former manager, Camilla has worked with the coaching conversation for several years. Today, she has her own business, where she primarily deals with stress and mental health in the form of coaching for managers and the self-employed, workshops and courses in companies and teaches e.g. The stress profile. Camilla has a close collaboration with persolog Denmark.

Jens Overgaard Nielsen

Certified for Personality Factor Model | Resilience Organization Model | Resilience | Stress Model | Time Management Model
Mastertrainer in the Personality Factor Model since 2005 and The Stress Model since 2013. Author of books and articles on psychometry. 10 years of experience with the use of emotion-focused profiles and tools in large public and private companies and project consortia.

John Øyvind Livden

Certified for Personality | Resilience | Organisational Resilience | Stress | Timemanagement | Teenager
Former Navy Officer. Over 22 years of experience as Consultant, Executive Coach, Leadership and Team Trainer, Mentor, Public speaker and Fascilitator. Specialities: Leadership, Teamwork, Organizational development.

Uroš Močnik

Certified for Personality | Resilience
As a Master Trainer, he is motivated to develop his knowledge about the persolog personality factor model and to explore deeply its usage for life. Having 12 years of experience as a trainer, he still loves the feeling of delivering knowledge that opens minds and enables better understanding of ourselves and others.

Dragan Savi

Certified for Personality
Dragan Savić is a strategic advisor to domestic and international companies, trainer, key speaker and lecturer at many international conferences on time management, communication and behavior in crisis situations. Dragan Savić has been an international Persolog DISK trainer since 2009, and today an international Persolog Master trainer. The knowledge that participants in Dragan's training programs receive goes beyond the short-term benefits offered by most "business skills" and "personal development" programs on the market. Emphasis is placed on the inner potential of the individual, which is based on spiritual and ethical values and represents a strong ground for achieving greater efficiency and building a better life. The methodology is adapted to the needs of the modern individual, the practical part is systematized and its effectiveness is guaranteed.

Anne Kongsted Krum

Certified for Organisational Resilience | Resilience Model | Stress Model
I did my Master´s Degree from Oxford Brookes University in the topic of work related stress and have worked with the Stress Model in coaching and counselling processes with both leaders and employees since 2014.

Kees Voogd

Certified for Personality | Organisational Resilience
Kees is closely connected to persolog in the Netherlands and has been working for and with them since 2008. He always has first hand information about the models and products and is therefore a fully equipped expert.

Hester Verwey

Certified for Personality Factor Model | Stress Model | Self-Leadership Model
As executive coach of leaders, trainers and professionals, my strength is to equip individuals to thrive by discovering their unique dignity and destiny. I believe that all are called to purposefully and meaningfully contribute to their families, organizations, clients, and communities.

Erich Wohlwend

Certified for Personality | Resilience | Organisational Resilience | Stress | Energy Factors | Timemanagement | Self-Leadership | Teenager
Scientifically sound combined with high practical relevance! His many years of experience in management positions as a trainer shape the the conception and implementation of certifications and workshops. The development of training materials rounds off his passion.
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