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In-house training

With in-house training from persolog, you prepare your employees for the demands of a modern work environment! We offer all in-house training sessions both in-person and live online.

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What characterizes an in-house training session?

All of our open seminar offerings are also available as in-house seminars. This means that the seminar is tailored and customized to meet your individual needs and wishes. You have flexibility in terms of time and location, and for groups of 5 or more participants, the cost is significantly lower than that of an open certification. If you are interested, please contact us.

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"No time for a 1-day seminar?

In addition to in-house seminars, we also offer impulse lectures. These provide insights into the core content of the seminars. These short sessions allow you and your team to flexibly explore topics. You have the freedom to ask questions and optionally fill out a profile in advance. This way, you offer your team new learning experiences tailored to individual needs.

Personal development

Team development

Leadership development

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The speaker comes to your company. The seminar takes place in your premises or in premises of your choice

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The seminar takes place on a specific day using a collaboration tool of your choice

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Your Benefits

Why investing in training for your company is worthwhile

Tailored to Your Needs: In-house training can be tailored specifically to the needs and goals of your company. This means that the training content can be precisely aligned with the requirements of your employees and the workflows of your company.

Time Savings: In-house training saves travel time and costs for your employees since the training takes place directly at the workplace. This not only saves time but also allows employees to immediately apply what they have learned in practice.

Team Building: In-house training provides a great opportunity for team building and the exchange of knowledge and experiences among employees. Through shared learning and discussion, team members can grow closer and improve collaboration within the company.

Flexibility: You have the flexibility to adjust the schedule and duration of training to suit the needs of your company. This allows you to plan training that does not conflict with important projects or business commitments.

Cost Efficiency: Compared to external training, in-house training can be more cost-effective since there are no additional travel and accommodation expenses for employees. Already with as few as four participants, in-house training becomes cost-effective.

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Are you unsure about how to design your in-house training?
We offer personalized consultations and will work with you to develop the topics and content for your internal training program. Afterward, we will provide you with a tailored proposal.

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