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We are a consultancy and a publishing house. We have the rights to translate and sell the persolog® tools in Norway. Through certification with us, you can be licensed to use all our tools yourself in relation to your everyday work.
We work closely with persolog GmbH in Germany and several of the other partners around the world. We have translated the tools we believe are suitable for the Norwegian market into Norwegian, and can also offer more tools in other languages.
We have a number of trainers who are already certified and who use our tools in various contexts in their everyday work.

We do not label people but give them help for reflection, and tools for development and change.

What our participants say about us

The biggest advantage of persolog®Personality Factor Porfile is to get something concrete to work with and reflect on, at the start. You get a report where you get the opportunity to make up your own mind.

With this tool you get a foundation for being able to understand communication between people. It helps us to think about the development of people and the organization, and gives us a common framework.

This is an incredibly good tool for understanding who you are and how you can develop yourself to meet the reality you actually find yourself in. The opportunities to live with passion, meaning and mastery increase significantly the better you get to know yourself and your own strengths and weaknesses.

How to become a persolog® trainer

Over 13,000 trainers are already working with our tools. Become one of them.

Access to an

English online certification

The course consists lessons including quizzes and assignments that must be passed before the certification is approved.
You will have access to the lessons as long as you maintain your certification.

Access to

3 months of mentoring

… by a Norwegian master trainer. Up to 1 hour per week with follow-up, review of cases and discussion of the subject matter. 

Benefits of being a certified trainer:

Get your

Training concept

… and get access to powerpoints, workbooks and tools for coaching, seminars and consulting.

Receive from us your

Professional update

… and get access to persolog Academy and stay up to date on the subject. 

Become part of the unique

persolog Community

… and get access to both international and national trainer days. Meet the community, get inspiration and exchange ideas. We meet both online and in person.

You can get certified with us for the following topics.
There is more to discover
Do you already know...
... trainer webinar

Every week we meet online to get updats, discuss cases, inspire and help each other with the models.

... online courses for your developement

In Persolog Avademy you will find both English and Norwegian courses for your personal development.

... trainer days

Every year you can meet trainers online form all over the world in our online trainerday and in person in our Norwegian In person Trainerday in Oslo.

News from us

Our persolog® Blog

Organizational Resilience
The 9 factors for organizational resilience

“We can’t stop the wind, but we can build windmills.”

In recent years, the topic of inner resilience has moved more and more into the public focus: On the one hand, in children’s and youth education, and on the other hand, the topic is increasingly taking up space in adult education as well. Little by little, the word resilience is becoming more and more popular. The word “resilience” or “resilire” is originally Latin and means “to resist, to bounce back,” but also “to contract, to shrink.” A related word, “resist,” can be translated as “to withstand”…

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