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We want to develop organizations through people. That’s why we certify trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs and executives to work with our learning tools around the topic of social competence and personal development and support trainers in making the leap into the digital training world. Our vision is for people to understand themselves and others even better, to focus on their strengths and to develop themselves further – regardless of the format.

The managing partners, Peter and Viktoria Kulcsar, together with certified trainers, coaches and consultants, continuously support people in their personal development. This is how we help companies to be successful.

Numerous well-known companies are collaborating with us.

What our participants say about us

In my opinion, the persolog Behavioral Profile is by far the most applicable assessment tool in the business world. I use this information to help my clients achieve better sales results by adapting to their customer's personality type.

I’ve been working in HR for 15 years. I can tell that the certification organized by persolog is the best course I have participated recently. As a participant you will receive a lot of valuable information which will help you to create healthy habits and as a trainer you will receive a complete training package.

I’ve been using persolog profiles for many years and I love them, because they are easy to use and the participants understand them quickly. The methodology and the certification course is extraordinary.

How to become a persolog® trainer

Over 13,000 trainers are already working with our tools. Become one of them.
Why it pays to become a persolog Trainer. These are your top 5 advantages

Expand your


Even if the certification does not take place in presence, exchange is very important to us. We use tools to enable you to exchange with other course participants.

Work with

print and digital profiles

With us you are flexible and can adapt to the wishes of your customers. As a certified trainer, you receive exclusive training materials, almost all of which are available in both print and digital formats.

Get access to

promotional material

A whole team is behind you and supports you. We will provide you with advertising materials to promote your seminars in the best possible way.

Receive from us your

training concept

You will receive a fully developed training concept from us and can start directly with your seminars.

Become part of the unique

persolog community

As a certified persolog trainer you are part of the trainer community of over 13,000 people. We are a group that regularly exchanges, supports and motivates each other. We appreciate the familiar and open atmosphere within our community.

You can get certified with us for the following topics.

Want to learn more?

Here are our in-house workshop highlights

Learn the right “dictionary” to define behaviour and initiate long-term growth in your team, using the persolog® Personality Factor Model.

Discover the resources you need and develop your skills to stay strong in adverse conditions!

Time is your most valuable resource. Optimize your dealing with time, as the key to a fulfilled and successful life!

There is more to discover

Do you already know...

... the free persolog videos

In addition to online webinars, we offer various video materials on our youtube channel.

... the persolog Webshop

In our online store you will find books on personal development, profiles for self-assessment and training games.

News from us

Our persolog® Blog

Understand yourself and others better!

The 4 behavioral styles: Take a moment: what crossed your mind the last time you picked up a book?

1. Did you eagerly flip through it while thinking, “Which article could be useful to me?” simply because you hate wasting time and want to see concrete results as quickly as possible?

2. Did the authors pique your curiosity? – “Who wrote this article?” Did you look at pictures to see whose articles seemed more interesting, and then read a bit here and there until you remembered that you actually needed to check your email again and make a few phone calls? ….

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