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persolog Switzerland has been certifying trainers, consultants and coaches in Switzerland for the persolog® learning instruments for over 25 years, for which it is also the exclusive sales partner.

Our vision is for people to understand themselves and others even better, to focus on their strengths and to develop themselves further – regardless of the formal.
Over 9 bright minds work every day to develop tools and seminars to support people in their personal development, together with trainers, coaches and entrepreneurs. This is how we help companies to be successful. We serve you in German, French and Italian.

What our participants say about us

Thanks to the further training at KAIROS Partner AG, I now feel better able to carry out professional team development or individual coaching.

I experience persolog Switzerland as a competent and at the same time very customer-oriented partner and enjoy working with the team. The training courses I have attended have made a very positive impression on me personally and I now approach people with a more open attitude. I like to use the tools from persolog Switzerland frequently, whether in individual coaching or in a seminar, whether with young or old, simply something brilliant.

In our company and with our clients, we employ the proven and effective models of KAIROS to positively enhance employee satisfaction. The foundation for this is an accurate assessment of personal skills, linked to the requirements and expectations for job performance. The use of persolog® methods, based on this assessment, highlights the simplicity and uniqueness of how crucial it is to place individuals in the right roles to fully unleash and utilize their strengths. Persolog® - an exciting journey of self-discovery!

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Over 13,000 trainers are already working with our tools. Become one of them.

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128’896 training days

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Why it pays to become a persolog Trainer. These are your top 5 advantages

Expand your


Even if the certification does not take place in presence, exchange is very important to us. We use tools to enable you to exchange with other course participants.

Work with

print and digital profiles

With us you are flexible and can adapt to the wishes of your customers. As a certified trainer, you receive exclusive training materials, almost all of which are available in both print and digital formats.


Access to promotional

material. A whole team is behind you and supports you. We will provide you with advertising materials to promote your seminars in the best possible way.

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training concept

You will receive a fully developed training concept from us and can start directly with your seminars.

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persolog community

As a certified persolog trainer you are part of the trainer community of over 13,000 people. We are a group that regularly exchanges, supports and motivates each other. We appreciate the familiar and open atmosphere within our community.

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with Erich Wohlwend
One of the greatest challenges for personnel development is to work with people on their personality – to provide them with assistance that enables them to respond to the demands of the workplace – especially in the soft skill area of key competencies. With the certification of the persolog® Personality Factor Model you have an internationally recognized instrument and product for personality development in your hand, which decisively expands your range of services as a trainer, coach and consultant. For managers and personnel developers it is a real support.

with Erich Wohlwend
Resilience, a word that has become increasingly fashionable in recent years. Simply put, resilience stands for inner resistance, resilience and flexibility. This does not mean that resilient people never suffer setbacks or that they do not mind difficulties and challenges. But they have the resources and skills to bounce back despite adverse circumstances. They know how to deal with setbacks and how to draw on their strengths and skills to keep going.

with Erich Wohlwend

You may have heard this phrase a time or two, or perhaps even said it yourself. But what do extraordinary measures even mean? Nowadays, everyone’s life is increasingly shaped by constant and unpredictable changes. Which can become an ever-increasing challenge, both privately and professionally.

But it is precisely the task of managers to deal with the ever-present change and, above all, to keep up and act.

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Personal development is close to our hearts. We want people to discover their full potential. In our seminar calendar you will find current courses:

In our new online store you will find all products related to our certifications. Here you can choose print or digital media – whatever suits you and your participants best.

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Mistakes in the DISG model
The 5 Biggest Mistakes in D, I, S, and C Training and How to Improve It

“Making mistakes early in life that one can learn from is a great advantage.” This quote by Winston Churchill holds significant meaning for me as a trainer for the Persolog® Personality Factor Model. Over the years of working with this model, I have come across many weaknesses that have caused frustration among participants. However, I can also offer ways to do it better.

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