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We are passionate about developing people and organizations. Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience developing interpersonal skills and certifying consultants and coaches throughout the Americas. Our tools and methodologies are based on scientific concepts and extensive research. From identifying different behavioral styles and how they impact leadership processes, customer service, sales, teamwork, among others, to defining methodologies and programs to make people, teams and organizations more resilient.

What our participants say about us

I’ve been using Persolog’s book: “10 valuable exercises for your seminar or coaching sessions”.  It’s been a game changer for our training sessions.  We’ve been able to make our sessions more interactive, interesting and hands-on.  Thank you Persolog, this is the tool I needed. 

Since more than 5 years ago, I had been using Persolog products. Recently, I had the opportunity to get certified on the Resilience Profile. The quality and reseach that support their products make me proud of what I offer to my customers.

Our experience

As an organization, we have extensive experience in Europe and from North America we offer our products and services to consultants and clients in more than 10 countries in Central and South America. We offer our services and products in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our Values

What defines a human being is their unique blend of strengths, potential, and limitations. Our focus isn’t solely on short-term economic goals, but also on values and dignity, which we strive to protect and promote. This approach has proven to yield positive long-term economic results.

Our Training Tools

persolog® models aren’t just conventional tests; they provide holistic self-assessment. They help analyze your behavior, understand other styles, reduce misunderstandings, boost self-confidence, enhance communication skills, and prevent conflicts. This situational approach strengthens and fosters personal growth.

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