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At persolog Danadria (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia) we believe that people are the key element of any organisation’s success. Our mission is to support and develop organisations through the development of their people. That’s why we certify trainers, entrepreneurs, recruiters and other managers to work with our innovative tools that focus on teaching social skills and personal development.

Our Motivation

Our approach is based on the latest trends in learning and development and supports trainers in their transition to a digital environment. We believe that the key to success in any organisation is a skilled and motivated team.

Our Vision

Persolog’s vision is to create a world where people understand themselves and others better, where individuals can use their strengths and develop continuously, regardless of their environment or formal constraints.

Many well-known companies work with us.

What our participants say about us

As a certified persolog® trainer, I have recouped my training investment in just two months by helping companies improve communication through the use of Persona Profiles. Clients report improved employee relations after the workshop, and the tool allows anyone, regardless of technical background, to find themselves in a variety of persolog behavioural styles.

Persolog is a tool I have been using for over a decade to effectively create behavioural profiles for HR development and career counselling for young people. Working with Janez Hudovernik has been an invaluable support in this process. The sincere thanks of the clients confirm the value of Persolog in identifying potential and facilitating career decisions.

The training brought us together as a team and enriched us with new insights that we use in our daily work with candidates and colleagues. The personality analysis has improved communication and performance in our teams and is easy to implement and highly professional, supported by additional consultations.

How to become a persolog® trainer

Over 13,000 trainers who use the power of our tools to improve the performance of people and organisations. Now you have the opportunity to join them. Why choose this path? Here are five key reasons:

Expand your


Whether the training is face-to-face or online, we believe in sharing experiences and knowledge. Our tools and platforms allow you to connect with other professionals and grow together.


in your choice of tools

As a certified personal trainer, you can offer your clients a choice of online or printed profiles. We also offer exclusive coaching materials, available in electronic or printed format, so you can adapt to your clients’ needs.

Get access to

 promotional material

When you become part of our team, we support you not only with tools and skills, but also with promoting your work. We will provide you with templates of marketing materials to help you promote your workshops and seminars effectively.

Receive a

comprehensive coaching programme

As a certified persolog trainer, you will receive a comprehensive training plan with a complete set of materials. This will enable you to start training immediately.

Become part of the unique

persolog community

Join our international community of over 13,000 trainers. We have created an environment where information is constantly exchanged and where members support and motivate each other. We pride ourselves on the welcoming and open communication that prevails in our community.

Ready to take the next step to improve your team?

Here are our seminar highlights

Communication is the foundation of success, both in business and in your personal life. Gain valuable insights into how your colleagues can adapt their communication for optimal performance with different behavioural styles. Have you ever thought about the power you could unleash by getting along better?

In a world that demands more speed, efficiency and reach, many people are experiencing stress. This unique training gives you the tools to navigate this complex world and maintain your mental health.

With this innovative training we offer you the opportunity to build your resilience – a key skill in overcoming the challenges that arise in your career. Resilient people not only bounce back more quickly from setbacks, but also make better use of these experiences for personal and professional growth.

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Our persolog® Blog

How to properly adapt communication to different persolog® behavioral styles?

Summer is a time for new acquaintances. When initiating contact and communicating, consider:

💪 D – Dominant individuals

🌟 I – Influential individuals

💡 S – Steady individuals

🔍 C – Compliant profiles

Adapting communication using Persolog® profiles enables better understanding, connection, and more effective communication with individuals.

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