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We want to develop orginizations through people. That’s why we certify trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs and executives to work with our leaming tools around the topic of social competence and personal development and support trainers in making the leap into the digital training world. Our vision is for people to understand themselves and others even better, to focus on their strengths and to develop themselves further – regardless of the format.

What our participants say about us

I have worked with the persolog instruments for years, initially in industry and nowadays also at the University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden. On the one hand they are technically well-founded, and on the other I have had excellent practice-related experiences with them. My students continuously report experiencing wonderful moments of realisation. And It is a joy to see that they actually use what they have learned for themselves.

In conclusion, the persolog Personality and Behaviour Profiles and the persolog Job Profile have really proven themselves as easy-to-use and economically justifiable instruments for assessing and reflecting on personal and social behavioural dimensions. We recommend their deployment within a triangle of methods.

High qualification and innovative creative approach in the conduct of training are important advantages of the coaching staff of the company "persolog". Especially I would like to note the efficiency and flexibility in the preparation of the training program, as well as the unique knowledge received by the training participants in the field of interaction and communication with colleagues and partner.

Our mission is to

Develop organizations through people


Our models draw from 40+ years of Prof. Dr. John Geier’s scientific research, emphasizing regular statistical validation. The persolog DISC personality model, in use since 1994, is consistently tested for reliability and validity. We offer a straightforward implementation of scientifically robust tools.


We provide highly practical tools. Certified professionals can seamlessly apply them to deliver tangible, process-enhancing results for their clients. We prioritize client objectives at the core of our processes.


We prioritize dual development: individuals and tool performance. Alignment with users is crucial for our method’s success.
For 33 years, we’ve guided clients, enhancing skills, leadership, and teams. We have 14 national xpand teams with 120+ trainers, coaches, and consultants. xpand Canada has 6 English-speaking and 8 French-speaking consultants

Over 13,000 trainers are already working with our tools. Become one of them. These are your top 5 advantages

How to become a persolog® trainer in Canada

Expand your


Even if the certification does not take place in presence, exchange is very important to us. We use tools to enable you to exchange with other course participants.

Work with

digital profiles

With us you are flexible and can adapt to the wish of timely needs of your customers. As a certified trainer, you receive exclusive training materials, all of wich are available in digital formats.


Access to promotional

material. A whole team is behind you and supports you. We will provide you with advertising materials to promote your seminars in the best possible way.

Receive from us your

training concept

You will receive a fully developed training concept from us and can start directly with your seminars.

Become part of the unique

persolog community

As a certified persolog trainer you are part of the trainer community of over 13,000 people. We are a group that regularly exchanges, supports and motivates each other. We appreciate the familiar and open atmosphere within our community.

At persolog Canada you can get certified for the persolog® Personality Factor Model

Like every successful company, persolog has an interesting history:

We bind ourselves to quality

More than 45 years of scientific research by Prof. Dr. Geier, his associates and persolog have been put into our models. Furthermore, we place great emphasis on continually assessing each model statistically. The persolog Personality Factor Model, for example, has been continuously evaluated with regard to reliability and validity. As a supplier of personality tests we carry out separate, representative studies in cooperation with the University Koblenz/Landau, Germany.

The high quality standard we set ourselves for our models and material is also applied to our internal processes. In June 2004 was the first time we were certified with the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Customer-orientation, quality standards and constant development of quality management are only several of the criteria confirmed by inspectors.

The quality of our learning instruments is appreciated at a global level. Most of our products are available in many different languages. International certification of our partners ensure expertise of persolog trainers also abroad.

Stay up to date.

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Should you have any queries or require information regarding persolog Canada, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the provided form. Our dedicated team will ensure a prompt and thorough response to address your needs.


persolog Canada

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