Team resilience

The competence for crisis-proof teams

Team resilience is about how well a team is able to cope with difficult situations and crises and even emerge stronger from them.

They are adaptable

Resilient teams can adequately respond and adapt to a changing environment and/or challenging conditions, as well as be proactive.

They are resilient

Resilient teams are more resilient. They can also cope with greater challenges. They are not overloaded as quickly and can withstand pressure better together.

They are resistant

At their best, they recognize threats and opportunities before they arise. This gives them the chance to go into emerging challenges prepared and confident of victory.

They are flexible

Resilient teams are more flexible. They manage to cope with new conditions and sudden obstacles through cognitive flexibility.

They have a high level of emotional stability

Resilient teams do not let themselves get off track, even in the face of setbacks. This is important in order to consistently pursue plans and to “find their way back” when setbacks occur.

Yvonne Martin

“I took the resilience certification online and loved it! Debora was able to convey the knowledge in a very clear way, it was almost as if she was sitting directly opposite me. I myself had some AHA moments, learned a lot about myself and had a lot of fun with the online certification. Now I am looking forward to taking advantage of further online offers from Persolog!”

The persolog® Team Resilience Model

A major Google study already showed in 2018 that the outstanding teams are not made up of individual best performers and elite university graduates. The outstanding teams differ in their togetherness, the way they interact with each other, grow with each other and overcome crises together.

Team resilience is about how well a team is able to overcome difficult situations and crises and even emerge stronger. There is a lot of research on this. We as the persolog team have made it our mission to transform this research into a pragmatic tool for team development for team development, which can be used by trainers, coaches and managers.

Team resilience is not something that develops overnight – it is a process that can be shaped step by step. This process consists of the 4 steps of looking ahead, protecting, shaping and learning:

The result is a questionnaire with which you can scientifically determine where a team stands in terms of team resilience. Each team member receives an individual evaluation and the team receives a team evaluation. We call these evaluations a profile. And then, of course, the central question is: How can we strengthen these factors as a team?

The persolog® Team Resilience Model

How we support you on your way

Team Resilience for your Training & Coaching

The persolog® Team Resilience Model certification is the perfect addition to your trainer or coaching portfolio. If you want to support whole teams to train their resilience, you help them to develop inner resilience and thus better deal with setbacks and challenges. By developing resilient teams, you also support organizations.

In our trainer’s guide to the persolog® Team Resilience Model we provide you with a complete training concept that you can conduct with the persolog® Team Resilience Profile. Visit our Team Resilience Certification – live, blended or digital.

Team resilience for your business

Resilient teams are the foundation for successful companies. Because resilient teams lead to a resilient organization. Especially during the Corona crisis, this ability helped companies to “survive”.
In order to ensure that a resilient team also has the resources, it is necessary, among other things, to support the development of employees, but also to look at where the person is needed most.

A company with teams that think in terms of opportunities is more resilient, calm and flexible. A resilient team is not intimidated by setbacks. That’s why it pays to invest in their teams. If you want to find out how you can use the persolog® Team Resilience Model in your company, feel free to give us a call.

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