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We want to develop organizations through people. That’s why we certify trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs and executives to work with our learning tools around the topic of social competence and personal development and support trainers in making the leap into the digital training world. Our vision is for people to understand themselves and others even better, to focus on their strengths and to develop themselves further – regardless of the format.

Over 40 bright minds work every day to develop tools and seminars to support people in their personal development, together with trainers, coaches and entrepreneurs. This is how we help companies to be successful.

Numerous well-known companies are collaborating with us

What our participants say about us

The persolog instruments have been consistently inspiring me and my clients for over 10 years. The acceptance among participants is exceptionally high.

Professionalism, meaningfulness, and a strong foundation. I highly appreciate these aspects in working with persolog.

The organization, friendliness, and service at persolog have particularly impressed me!

How to become a persolog® trainer

Over 13,000 trainers are already working with our tools. Become one of them.
Why it pays to become a persolog Trainer. These are your top 5 advantages

Expand your


Even if the certification does not take place in presence, exchange is very important to us. We use tools to enable you to exchange with other course participants.

Work with

print and digital profiles

With us you are flexible and can adapt to the wishes of your customers. As a certified trainer, you receive exclusive training materials, almost all of which are available in both print and digital formats.


Access to promotional

material. A whole team is behind you and supports you. We will provide you with advertising materials to promote your seminars in the best possible way.

Receive from us your

training concept

You will receive a fully developed training concept from us and can start directly with your seminars.

Become part of the unique

persolog community

As a certified persolog trainer you are part of the trainer community of over 13,000 people. We are a group that regularly exchanges, supports and motivates each other. We appreciate the familiar and open atmosphere within our community.

You can get certified with us for the following topics.

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Here are our seminar highlights

with Nathalie Sonntag

In the increasingly complex world of work, where everything has to go higher, faster and further. The fact is: More and more people feel stressed by this. With this brand-new practical seminar, we provide trainers with a highly topical seminar concept that promotes mental health and reduces stress in the long term.

with Franziska Kühne

This brand new advanced seminar wants to support trainers to make resilience tangible for leaders. Expand your training portfolio and get a new and complete training concept.

with Marei Schmitt

With this practical seminar, we want to support trainers in experiencing resilience. Exercises from mindfulness training and embodiment will be included. Look forward to 7 new & practical resilience exercises for a sustainable change and anchoring of your trainings.

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In addition to online webinars, we offer various monthly live webinars with renowned speakers. Secure your free seat now in one of our online highlights

Personal development is close to our hearts. We want people to discover their full potential. In our seminar calendar you will find current courses:

In our new online store you will find all products related to our certifications. Here you can choose print or digital media – whatever suits you and your participants best.

News from us
Our persolog® Blog
Mental Health
5 tips on how to strengthen (your) mental health

Mental Health is on everyone’s lips right now. And rightly so! More than 20% of Germans feel that their mental health is impaired. That is quite a lot. That makes it all the more important to look at what you can do for your own mental health and how you can support others in building mental health. Five tips we would like to present to you today: …

Like every successful company, persolog has an interesting history:

The root cause of our growth

In 1972, the Personality Factor Model debuted in the U.S., rapidly gaining recognition. Founder Friedbert Gay introduced it to Germany in 1990. Today, our continually improved persolog model, rooted in the original D (Dominant), I (Influencing), S (Steady), and C (Cautious) dimensions, forms our core. We expand beyond personality with various development tools, operating in 14 countries worldwide.

The persolog® Personality Factor Model’s success story began in 1990 in Germany. In just five years, 600 trainers and personnel managers were certified. Now, over 13,000 trainers worldwide collaborate with us, and the numbers continue to rise.

Our commitment drives us to expand our range, focusing on scientifically sound models. In addition to the persolog® Personality Factor Model, we offer tools in self-management, stress management, and resilience.

In 2004, we established persolog GmbH to align with our growing international orientation. With the persolog brand, we aim to provide comprehensive global personality development solutions.

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