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Who we are

We are an Academy and publishing house

persolog is a leading personal development company. Our innovative trainings and tools promote individual growth and team dynamics. With our unique models, we help people to recognize their strengths and develop their full potential. Through practice-oriented approaches and the combination of theory and application, we are experts in effective personality development.

“Our mission is to inspire people to recognize their potential and develop it effectively in their environment”

persolog Vision

Our Vision​ 2030

To create the worlds best self assessment experience

Our vision as persolog is for people to understand themselves and others even better, to focus on their strengths, and to continue growing – regardless of the format. We aim to support individuals in leading a meaningful life.

Our Goal

Together, as a team at persolog, we work every day to develop tools and seminars in collaboration with trainers, coaches, and entrepreneurs to support individuals in their personal development. Through our self-reflection tools, people can discover their strengths and resources.

In order to spread this message to people worldwide, we certify trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders to work with our learning tools focused on social competence and personal development. We also support trainers in making the transition to the digital training world.

Our topics

The World of persolog is diverse. With our tools for self-reflection, we encourage people to discover their resources and further develop themselfs in various areas

Understanding yourself and others better, recognizing strengths and potentials.

Strengthening your own resources to be prepared for challenges.

Building strong teams that grow through crises.

Helping resilient organizations manage changes.

Being more composed in everyday life, preventing burnout.

Making the most of your own lifetime.

Finally realizing goals and dreams, finally building new behaviors.

Values / Needs / Motives – A look behind the scences of behavior.

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