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At persolog, we offer a wide variety of products, such as self-reflection tools and trainer materials, for trainers, coaches and HR professionals who want to take their training to the next level. But our products are also ideally suited for private individuals who want to develop themselves personally.

The persolog® Personality Factor Profile

Discover what you are made of: Learn to understand yourself and others better and get to know how to improve your personal effectiveness and your personal strength. This profile is a comprehensive profile on the behavioral dimensions Dominant (D), Influencing (I), Steady (S), and Cautious (C), which includes all 7 discovery steps.

The persolog® Behavioral Profile

Whether consciously or unconsciously, verbally or non-verbally: humans always behave. The persolog® Behavioral Profile makes you aware of your own behavior and moves foreign behavior into understandable realms. It helps you to understand yourself and others better – on the basis of the four behavioral dimensions dominant, influencing, steady and cautious.

The persolog® Personal Resilience Profile

Master stressful situations. View problems as challenges. Use negative experiences as learning opportunities. In other words: Don’t lose your way, even in crisis situations. All that and so much more is possible with resilience. The good news: Resilience is not a trait that one simply possesses or lacks. It can be developed, learned and honed. The persolog® Resilience Profile helps people improve their inner resilience and emerge stronger from crises. Take your inner resilience to a new level!

The persolog® Time Management Profile

Time is your most valuable resource. For this reason, optimal handling of time is the key to a fulfilled and successful life. The persolog® Time Management Profile is intended to help you determine your competence in using time effectively. You will understand how to plan your time correctly and what your current obstacles to optimal time usage are. To more time sovereignty. To concentrating more on what’s important. To enhanced time competence.

Our persolog® Planners

Our planners offer you the chance to deepen your knowledge from our content. They are the perfect tool for trainings and coachings for personal development and self-reflection. They help to define clear goals, track progress and achieve them faster.

Our persolog® Games

Would you like to make your trainings more interactive? With our games, you can do just that. Our games help participants memorize the content faster: Deepen the knowledge of your participants in a fun and effective way.

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