persolog® Personality Factor Model

The persolog® Personality Factor Model - Understand yourself and other people better

Based on the 4 behavioral dimensions Dominant, Influencing, Steady and Cautious, it is possible to understand yourself and others better and thus work together more effectively. But how does this knowledge help in practice?

Mastering change processes

Everyone reacts differently to change and can be won over differently. If you know how to convince different people, your change processes will succeed better. You will also better understand your reaction in the change process. 

Making teamwork more effective

People tick differently. This can quickly lead to one conflict or another. Through knowledge of the different behavior of people, a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of one’s own person, but also that of others, can be developed and conflicts can be resolved more quickly and, in some cases, even prevented.

Discover and develop potential

Everyone has different strengths. Focusing on these leads to success. With the knowledge of D, I, S and C, individual potentials and strengths can be discovered and specifically This is also particularly helpful in employee development.

Equiping Leaders

Leaders in particular need a deep understanding of themselves and their employees. Knowing D, I, S and C can promote self-reflection and make you more aware of your own impact. In addition, every employee is individual and understanding this individuality leads to more effective employee management.

Recognizing your own impact

Have you always wanted to know how you affect others? With the persolog® Personality Factor Model you get first insights into how others perceive you. This can help you to consciously control your own behavior and thus to go through life even more successfully.

The persolog® Personality Factor Model

The persolog® Personality Factor Model certification lays the foundation to support people, teams and leaders to better understand themselves and others and to work together effectively. In the persolog® Personality Certification you receive tools that support you in analyzing the uniqueness of other people and their behavior on the basis of the 4 basic behavioral dimensions “dominant, influencing, steady and cautious”. This is the perfect basis for your training, coaching and business.

It can be used universally: in team development, sales training, personnel selection, change management, personnel development, executive coaching, training, organizational development and many other areas. Anywhere people work together, this model can be used profitably. It is a must-have for every “trainer’s kit”.

The persolog® Personality Factor Model for your personal development

With our persolog® Personality Factor Model you can learn to understand yourself and others even better. In our online course “Discover what´s in you” you get to know yourself even better and discover which behavioral dimensions (D, I, S or C) are strong and which are less strong in you. You will learn how you affect others, what potentials you have and how you can develop yourself further. You will also learn how you can better assess and understand other people and why others sometimes behave so “differently”. Also with our book ” The 1×1 of Personality” you can discover what’s in you and how you can develop your potentials.

The persolog® Personality Factor Model for your Training & Coaching

The certification for the persolog® Personality Factor Model is the optimal basis for your trainer or coaching portfolio. Whether in the change process, team development, training, leadership development or recruiting: the persolog® Personality Factor Model can be used wherever you work with people. You can support the development of teams and organizations and accompany people on their life journey. In our Facilitator’s Manual to the persolog® Personality Factor Model we provide you with a complete training concept that you can conduct with the persolog® Personality Factor Profile. Visit our persolog® Personality Certification – live or digital.

The persolog® Personality Factor Model for your company

The persolog® Personality Factor Model offers the chance to bring your company to a new level. Because when people work together effectively, great things can happen. No matter whether in recruiting, team development, training, management development or in change processes: The persolog® Personality Factor Profile is universally applicable. If you are an executive, HR manager or trainer, you are welcome to come to an open certification or invite us to your company for an in-house certification. You want to integrate the content into your learning platform? This is also possible with our SCORM file from the e-learning “Discover what’s in you”. We would be happy to work with you to find an individual solution for your company.

What our customers say

The certification has provided us with a tool that supports us in many ways - from the selection and development of employees and the composition of teams to customer care. The investment has paid off.

The persolog® Personality Factor Model is an integral part of our success due to its simplicity and flexibility in application. Persolog, together with its professional team, has been a loyal companion of our academy for years.

The certification as a persolog® personality trainer was one of the best trainings I have participated in so far. Starting with the organization in the run-up, to the many details over the course of the 3 days, to the great trainer's kit and all the trainer documents and materials worked out down to the last detail and ready for immediate use.

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