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persolog France / Hormesys

persolog France oversees the development of the French market, offering certifications, tailor-made content for French businesses, and local branches of international corporations. Additionally, we provide active support and quality assurance based on our extensive experience in training, coaching, and consulting.

Exclusive Partnership

persolog France is the exclusive partner of persolog® in France, providing specialized training and professional tools for those in the field of human relations.

Development of Social and Individual Skills

For over two decades, persolog® has been dedicated to developing learning tools that focus on enhancing social and individual skills for training, coaching, personal development, and workplace health management.

Certification and Integration of Learning Tools

persolog France certifies professionals in human relations, including trainers, coaches, recruiters, HR professionals, managers, and career consultants, enabling them to seamlessly integrate persolog® learning tools into their guidance, emphasizing personal development and interpersonal skills.

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10, Porte du Miroir
Résidence Plein Soleil
Mulhouse, Grand Est 68100, FR

06 17 47 12 56


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