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Academy Calendar

1024.10.2019Top 10Top_1Kat_3 Perg (A)698 EUR*
 28.10.2019Successful team development with the Personality Factor ModelTop_1Kat_3Zürich (CH)890 CHF*
 29.10.2019Successful team development with the Personality Factor ModelTop_1Kat_3Remchingen798 EUR*
 30.10.2019How to interpret difficult graphsTop_1Kat_3 Thun (CH)790 CHF*
1101.11.2019How to interpret difficult graphsTop_1Kat_1Online start at any time possible249 EUR*
 04.11. - 05.11.2019Certification as persolog® EnergyFactors modelTop_1Kat_1Zürich (CH)2.890 CHF*
 04.11. - 06.11.2019Certification persolog® Personality Factor ModelTop_1Kat_1 Perg (A)2.498 *
 07.11.2019Recognising and interpreting behaviour correctlyTop_1Kat_3 Perg (A)698 *
 07.11. - 08.11.2019Certification as persolog® Stress ModelTop_2Kat_1Zürich (CH)1.680 CHF*
 08.11.2019Personality Certification UpdateTop_1Kat_3 Perg (A)998 EUR*
 11.11. - 13.11.2019Certification persolog® Personality Factor ModelTop_1Kat_1Remchingen2.498 EUR*
 18.11. - 19.11.2019Certification persolog® self-management modelTop_3Kat_1 Perg (A)1.498 EUR*
 19.11.2019Certification persolog® Teenager ProfileTop_1Kat_1Remchingen998 EUR*
 20.11.2019Personality Certification UpdateTop_1Kat_3 Thun (CH)1.190 CHF*
 21.11. - 22.11.2019Certification as persolog® EnergyFactors modelTop_1Kat_1München2.498 EUR*
 26.11.2019Certification persolog® Time Management ModelTop_6Kat_1Hamburg998 EUR*
 27.11.2019Time and PersonalityTop_1Kat_1Hamburg698 EUR*
 28.11.2019Customer-specific selling and consultingTop_1Kat_3Hamburg798 EUR*
 29.11.2019Top 10Top_1Kat_3Hamburg698 EUR*
1201.12.2019How to interpret difficult graphsTop_1Kat_1Online start at any time possible249 EUR*
 03.12. - 04.12.2019Certification as persolog® EnergyFactors modelTop_1Kat_1Berlin2.498 EUR*
 06.12.2019Personality Certification UpdateTop_1Kat_3Remchingen998 EUR*
 10.12. - 12.12.2019Certification persolog® Personality Factor ModelTop_1Kat_1Hamburg2.498 EUR*
 12.12. - 13.12.2019Certification persolog® self-management modelTop_3Kat_1 Thun (CH)1.680 CHF*
 17.12.2019Interpreting difficult diagrams with certaintyTop_1Kat_1 2 - 4 pm (German Time) Webinar West98 EUR*
 18.12.2019Interpreting difficult diagrams with certaintyTop_1Kat_1 9 - 11 am (German Time) Webinar East98 EUR*
 18.12. - 20.12.2019Certification persolog® Personality Factor ModelTop_1Kat_1 Thun (CH)2.990 CHF*
0128.01.2020persolog Trainer Day RemchingenTop_1Kat_1Remchingen 149 EUR*
1021.10.2020persolog Trainer Day SalzburgTop_1Kat_1Remchingen 149 EUR*

* Prices plus VAT, ** Prices incl. VAT