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Employee appraisals – How to assess your employees as objectively as possible

30.04.2016 Melanie Schettke 0
Employee appraisals – How to assess your employees as objectively as possible

The year is drawing to a close. In many companies, employee appraisals are now on the agenda. As a manager, you not only lead discussions about goals and projects in the new year; you also assess past performance.

It is often not so easy to assess employees objectively. Subjective influences quickly lead to unjustified assessments or even misjudgements.

However, subjective influences are difficult to avoid: They are not a machine based exclusively on numbers, data and facts. They are not robots that produce results on a purely objective basis. You are a human being. And that's why the emotional side plays an important role for you: How sympathetic is your counterpart to you? Has he recently done anything good?

All this prevents you and me from making purely objective judgments. Nevertheless, with the tip I am giving you today, you can virtually rule out subjective judgments and wrong decisions.

With this tip you judge employees as objectively as possible!

How do you rate?

They're preparing a performance review. You always concentrate on one employee, who you evaluate with regard to all relevant characteristics. Then comes the next, then the next, then the next... Am I right?

The problem: Scientific studies show that even a single, very good characteristic stains the assessment of an employee. This quickly leads to misjudgments. This is because your positive attitude towards this quality may mask other areas in which the employee is not so good.

Better this way!

If you want to judge as objectively as possible, the first thing you should do is choose a particular characteristic rather than a particular employee. You then evaluate all employees with regard to this characteristic. You then take the next property and evaluate all employees according to their performance. You continue to do this until you have processed all the properties that you require for the appraisal.

By comparing all your employees you guarantee a fair assessment within your team - a small psychological trick with big effects.

Try it for yourself!

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