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Our seminars in english-speaking countries

0123.01.2019pre-workshop 2: Certification/Refresher for the persolog Personality Factor ModelTop_1Kat_1Remchingen (Germany) EUR*
 23.01.2019pre-workshop 3: New Personality Games in ActionTop_1Kat_1Remchingen (Germany)100 EUR*
 23.01.2019pre-workshop 1: The new Time Management ProfileTop_6Kat_4Remchingen (Germany)100 EUR*
 24.01. - 26.01.2019International Meeting: Main programTop_1Kat_1Remchingen (Germany) *
 31.01.2019Webinar 2 Diagramm InterpretationTop_1Kat_1 2 pm (GMT) Webinar West98,- EUR*
0201.02.2019Webinar 2 Diagramm InterpretationTop_1Kat_1 9 am (GMT) Webinar East98,- EUR*

* Prices plus VAT, ** Prices incl. VAT