Never Stop Evolving


Höre nie auf, dich weiterzuentwickeln


We know it from the business world: If a company doesn’t evolve, bring new things to market, and increase profits, the competition will surpass it – often much faster than expected. The world is constantly changing. Nothing is as constant as change. That’s why it’s important for us to evolve, work on our personality, build our strengths – personally grow. How to achieve that and why rapid growth isn’t desirable, you’ll find out in this article.


Growth with and without Substance


In the summer, I plant zucchinis in the garden, water them, take care of them, and harvest their fruits. When cooked, the vegetables shrink. The more water they contain, the smaller they get. What remains is the substance. The shrinkage of zucchinis from my garden is relatively small. They had time to grow. It’s completely different with zucchinis from the supermarket: they shrink significantly, releasing a lot of water, leaving little substance. From the outside, the two parts of the vegetables are hardly distinguishable. But when it matters, it quickly becomes clear how much substance there really is.

Some online marketing messages promise overnight success, effortless wealth, and instant transformation into the most capable person in the world, prompting skepticism. In the past, mastery required years of dedication, overcoming challenges, and learning from mistakes. Today, individuals achieve apparent success quickly and then offer to teach others to do the same, promoting overnight riches or rapid personal transformation. However, such rapid growth lacks substance, akin to vegetables devoid of nutrients.


Learning by Doing


Perhaps that’s why we have such a “twisted” demand on ourselves. Because we see it everywhere. In my seminars, I sometimes encounter freshly appointed managers who are disappointed in themselves because they messed up a staff meeting. I understand their disappointment, I felt the same way in my early 20s. But at the same time, it’s my concern to bring your expectations of yourself to a normal level. Because the fact is, you can’t expect what you do for the first time to be perfect. When I started giving lectures, I was sometimes really frustrated. The audience was usually satisfied, but I wasn’t. I saw these speakers on the big stages and how well they spoke. I wanted to do just as well. With this demand on myself, everything I did wasn’t good enough. But it wasn’t my lecture that was the problem, it was the attitude I had towards it. Because those I looked up to had been doing it for 20 years, I was just starting out then. We primarily learn through action, through our experience. If I want to give good lectures, I have no choice but to give a few that aren’t perfect yet, so that I can learn from them. So that I know how to deal with difficult situations.

My Opinion is Clear: Unnaturally quick success is not desirable. Because during the growth process, you receive necessary lessons like humility, dealing with failure, optimism, flexibility, and many other experiences that sharpen your character and inspire you for new growth. Develop continuously. Every day a bit. So be completely relaxed with yourself when you learn something new. You won’t get it perfect the first time. Growth takes time and good soil for beautiful plants to grow from small seeds.


How You Can Grow Personally


Growth means overcoming hurdles, pushing through, and fighting to continue developing personally and overcoming obstacles that currently block the way. If you want to grow, you have to stick with it, even if it costs something and gets difficult. Always ask yourself this question, “Am I better today than yesterday?” In your growth, it’s not about others’ standards but your personal one. Not comparing yourself to others, but comparing yourself to yourself will get you further.


My Tip


Think about: What do I want to grow in? Invest 15 minutes every day for the next 4 weeks in this one thing. You’ll see, if you really stick to it, you’ll achieve extreme growth in just this one month. Step by step. That’s the principle of constant development. If you take a step towards your goal every day, you’ll be surprised how much you can achieve.


Debora Karsch
CEO von persolog


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