Successfully Leading in Times of Constant Change

How Leaders Build Resilience and Maintain Composure Despite Uncertainty. Leaders today face numerous challenges. From bumpy digitalization processes and uncertain future prospects to the crisis mode becoming a permanent state and high pressure for performance. But that’s not all. In addition, leaders must ensure that their teams work efficiently remotely,…

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Psychologisches Empowerment

Psychological Empowerment: How Leaders Empower Their Teams

Fast pace, uncertainty, little consistency: the current world of work often makes it difficult for teams to achieve good performance. In this excerpt from Debora Karsch's keynote at the persolog® Summer...
Als Führungskraft in der VUCA-Welt durchstarten

Taking Off as a Leader in the VUCA World? Here's What You Can Do.

In a world that is becoming ever more complex and fast-paced, the pressure on managers is constantly increasing. The rapid pace of change in the business world and the constant need to adapt present leaders...
Mitarbeitergespräche gut führen

The 5 biggest mistakes in appraisal interviews

Many managers do their best every day. Yet mistakes are often made that reduce the effectiveness of appraisal interviews. This article identifies five of these common mistakes. At the same time, the article...
Stärkenorientierte Mitarbeiterentwicklung: Talente finden, fördern und entfalten

Strengths-Based Employee Development: Discovering, Nurturing, and Unleashing Talents

As trainers and coaches, we constantly strive to find effective ways to support people in unlocking their full potential. We are convinced: the continuous development of employees is, especially in times...
Wie erfolgreiche hybride Führung gelingen kann

Hybrid Leadership: How Successful Hybrid Leadership Can Work

Leaders today face a multitude of challenges, from digitization processes to uncertain future prospects. Conventional leadership styles often reach their limits, and amid the perpetual crisis mode, it...
Stärken verleihen Flügel. Debora Karsch gibt 3 Tipps, wie du dein Potenzial entfalten kannst

Strengths Give Wings: 3 Tips on How to Make Your Potential Soar

How do we succeed in not only possessing strengths but also utilizing them? How can we unfold them, and how do we deal with our weaknesses? Debora Karsch is the CEO and shareholder of persolog and at the...
Erfahre von den 3 fatalen Führungsfehlern und wie du diese vermeidest

3 Fatal Leadership Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Leadership plays a crucial role in engaging and developing employees. However, errors often creep into everyday leadership that can have long-term detrimental effects. In this article, I will present three...
persolog Blog zum Thema Resilienz braucht Werte

Resilience needs values

How Our Inner Beliefs Empower Us: Especially in challenging times, we seek stability and strength to overcome obstacles. But did you know that values ​​play a crucial role in this? You'll learn in this...
Die Kunst der lebendigen Kultur mit dem persolog® Resilienz-Organisations-Modell

The Art of Vibrant Culture

How to Bring the Soul of Your Organization to Life: Within the depths of every organization lies an invisible but potent force: its culture. It's the heart, the soul, and the pulse that permeates the everyday...
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