Hybrid Leadership: How Successful Hybrid Leadership Can Work


Wie erfolgreiche hybride Führung gelingen kann

Leaders today face a multitude of challenges, from digitization processes to uncertain future prospects. Conventional leadership styles often reach their limits, and amid the perpetual crisis mode, it becomes evident: Hybrid leadership is the key to meeting the demands of the modern work environment.

“Hybrid work doesn’t happen by chance, and you need to be intentional, proactive, and thoughtful to make it work properly. It’s not easy but is doable and the outcomes can be massive.” ~ Miroslav Miroslavov, CEO and Co-founder of OfficeRnD

In other words: “Hybrid work doesn’t occur randomly. One must proceed with purpose, proactively, and thoughtfully to ensure it functions correctly. It’s not easy, but achievable, and the results can be enormous.” This quote highlights that hybrid work, and especially hybrid leadership, can only succeed when effort is invested, but it is worthwhile as it can yield significant results. But why should leaders bother with the topics of hybrid work or hybrid leadership now, after the constraints in the workplace brought about by the pandemic?

Hybrid work is more attractive than ever

Studies conducted by Hays AG in collaboration with the rheingold Institute clearly show that hybrid leadership and hybrid work will remain relevant in the coming years. It is worth engaging with these topics to achieve the significant results mentioned by Miroslavov. For instance, 94% of surveyed companies plan to continue offering the option of remote work. The favored approach is the hybrid working model: 50% of the time working from home and 50% in the office. The Country Report for Germany from the Employer Brand Research 2023 by Randstad also indicates that flexible work models are crucial for employers. After all, 21% of respondents cite a lack of flexible work options as a reason for resigning or intending to change employers.

But where do I start as a leader if I want to delve deeper into the topic of hybrid leadership?

Certainly, one could begin with their employees and “condition” them to make hybrid work effective for the leader. However, the significantly greater impact occurs when leaders start with themselves. At persolog, we have defined the following levers for this:

  • Personal attitude,
  • the right conditions,
  • trust and responsibility,
  • communication,
  • motivation and appreciation,
  • team spirit, and
  • mental health.

When leaders reflect on and continuously work on these seven areas, their hybrid leadership can become more successful. I would like to provide insight into one of these levers:

Mindset matters – Personal attitude

A successful hybrid leadership model requires more than just organizational adjustments; it demands a mental shift. Leaders who are willing to discard traditional leadership mindsets and actively embrace the new challenge (fixed mindset vs. growth mindset) lay the groundwork for effective hybrid leadership: Also, they are more likely to succeed than those who resist the new concept. Awareness of individual attitudes, characterized by openness, adaptability, and a clear focus on team needs, is crucial. Ultimately, it is not only technologies driving change, but also the attitudes of leaders paving the way for a successful hybrid work environment.

You might be familiar with the concept of a self-fulfilling prophecy: a prediction that brings about its own fulfillment. The same principle applies to personal attitudes. If I constantly tell myself that hybrid leadership won’t work for me and that hybrid work will surely end in chaos, the likelihood of that happening is higher than if I “predict” that my hybrid leadership will undoubtedly be a great success.

Designing successful hybrid work requires not only external adjustments but also a positive attitude. By consciously accepting challenges and maintaining an optimistic mindset, we shape our own success. In addition to that, we also shape the success of our teams in today’s dynamic work environment.

If you want to delve deeper into the topic of hybrid leadership, our seminar “Hybrid Leadership: Leading in the Digital World” is perfect for you.

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