Dominant (D), Influencing (I), Steady (S), and Cautious (C) in Easter Egg Hunts

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D,I, S, & G bei der Ostereiersuche


Easter is just around the corner, raising an important question: How do individuals with the behaviors D, I, S, and C behave during Easter egg hunts? We’ve researched this for you and hope you enjoy reading it – because clichés can be fun and often contain a hint of truth.


Dominant Behavior


When individuals with dominant behavior go Easter egg hunting, there’s no hesitation. As soon as the starting signal is given, they tear through everything, pulling clothes out of closets, emptying shelves, and – if the hunt is in the garden – digging in the dirt. The number of eggs found is always kept in mind, and the search doesn’t end until he or she has found more eggs than anyone else – or until there are no hidden eggs left.


Influencing Behavior


For those with influencing behavior, the fun of the hunt is paramount. They’re primarily excited to be participating. They search superficially in all sorts of hiding spots, causing a similar chaos to those with dominant behavior. Each egg found is presented to everyone else with the phrase “Look what I found” rounding off the discovery.


Steady Behavior


Individuals with steady behaviors typically start by searching in the spots where eggs were hidden in previous years. They approach the hunt more cautiously and methodically move from one hiding spot to another. If they notice that someone else has found fewer eggs than themselves, they’re happy to share an egg from their own basket.


Cautious Behavior


Cautious behaviors are also very easy to spot. Individuals exhibiting these traits search very meticulously. Clothes are taken out of closets in stacks, and after the egg is found – or not found – they’re put back in place. Every tiny inch of a closet or shelf is examined. They may search in fewer places because they spend longer periods at each potential hiding spot. However, they’re also the ones who will find the eggs that escaped those with dominant or influencing behavior.


We wish you lots of fun with the egg hunt – and the behavior observation! If you’ve made any other discoveries regarding D, I, S, and C, feel free to leave us a comment.



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