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Time management model with a focus on the preciousness of our time

Effective use of time

Dedicate yourself to your most precious asset: your time

Certification persolog® Time Management Model

Time is your most valuable resource. Every activity needs time - and this time cannot be recovered. Therefore an optimal use of time is the key to a fulfilled and successful life.

Compare your time with a diamond: Either Either your time or rather your use of time resembles an uncut rough diamond - or you let your diamond shine with time management.

The persolog® time management model is about exactly that:

To use your competence, your time effectively - and how to strengthen the competence of your training participants. You will learn how good your time competence already is. You will understand how to plan your time correctly and what has stood in the way of optimal use of time so far. From this, strategies are derived - your personal strategies - to focus on the important things in the future and to achieve your long-term goals. Get on your way now:

More time sovereignty.
More concentration on the essentials.
More time competence.

Come to the persolog® time management model certification now and start shining your diamond and using the model to further develop the time competence of your training participants.

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This is your certification if you...

  • want to optimize your use of time.
  • want to say goodbye to time management concepts that offer universal solutions.
  • want to support your employees or seminar participants in finding individual strategies for the optimal use of their own time.
  • want to learn how time management methods can be integrated into everyday life - and how they can also be called up under stress
  • want your time management events to be effective - and you yourself to have long-term success with them.


Your bonus

You will receive a concrete concept for a future-oriented time management seminar that you can easily adapt to the needs of your customers - including a ready-made set of slides, daily schedule variants and trainer guidelines.


Download: Tagesablauf Ihrer Zertifizierung

Your certification contents

  • You will learn how good your current time management is.
  • You define areas of competence in which you can further increase your time management.
  • You will then develop concrete time management strategies that you can pass on directly to your employees and seminar participants.
  • You will receive a compact overview of the current research on the topic of time management.
  • You will get to know exercises that you can use in seminars and training courses - and with which you can ensure the sustainability of your seminar.


circle of participants

Trainers, coaches and consultants who want to differentiate themselves from the conventional time management industry and offer concrete, practical and individual time management solutions.

Your trainers

Anjana Friedrich – Your persolog trainer, Master Trainer Time Management Model

Anjana Friedrich  –  Your persolog trainer

A high degree of curiosity and self-discipline distinguishes Anjana Friedrich in every life situation. The participants of her time management trainings also perceive the associated professional competence.

There are currently no dates for this seminarThere are currently no dates for this seminar
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A certification that optimally complements many others and expands the personal trainer profile in line with the times.

Michael Grönheim

Take the time for this certification.

H.-J. Schäfer

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