The persolog® Personality Factor Model: A Flexible Tool for Everyday Application


Das persolog® Persönlichkeits-Modell: Ein Multitalent für die tägliche Praxis


Why both trainers as well as companies and participants benefit from it


Why should you specifically work with the persolog® Personality Factor Model? What makes it better than other models in the field of personality development? Perhaps you’re also asking yourself this question. If so, here’s why our model is so strong and how both trainers, companies, and participants benefit from it.



The Personality Factor Model is based on a strong scientific foundation that has been continuously developed – and continues to be.


The origin of the Personality Factor Model dates back decades – specifically to the 1970s. However, the model did not stagnate in its original state. The decisive factor for its continuous revision was Prof. Dr. Geier’s conviction: An instrument that claims to show people the way to personal progress must continue to evolve. It must adapt to changes in living conditions. It must adapt to changes in human existence. Human personality is highly complex. And persolog’s focus is on making this complexity understandable. That’s why the Personality Model is an instrument that brings scientific validity into entrepreneurial practice – and is therefore invaluable for your daily work.


The Personality Factor Model is based on a purely situational approach and consistently rejects categorization thinking


Behavior is complex. Many factors determine behavior and are more or less effective at different times and in different situations. The Personality Factor Model does not claim to determine and describe fundamental personality traits, but rather situation-dependent behavior. The focus is on facets of personality that can be verified through observation. It is important to understand how personal and situational factors influence each other and how they interact. This is precisely where the Personality Factor Model comes in and aims to provide orientation to enable better cooperation.


persolog products are designed to solve a wide range of entrepreneurial problems


Wherever people and their qualities and abilities are at the center, you can work profitably with the model. To this end, we provide our trainers with a variety of print and online products that are continuously developed and enrich seminars with the persolog® Personality Model sustainably. But what are the specific benefits for trainers, companies, and participants?


The benefits for trainers: A tool trusted by 90% of DAX companies


But how do you as a trainer benefit from using the persolog® Personality Factor Model? Here are the key aspects:

• You work with a model that has been established in the market for decades and is scientifically validated.

• The variety of products related to the persolog® Personality Factor Model allows you to better meet the needs of your customers.

• The Personality Factor Model offers various adaptation options, e.g., in the area of ​​leadership and team development. With just one model, you cover a wide range of training topics.

• Print or online: You have the choice of which type of profiles and products you want to work with.

• The instruments related to the persolog® Personality Factor Model are available in up to 33 languages.

• Last but not least: 90% of DAX companies work with trainers certified for the model and thus trust the persolog® Personality Factor Model.



The benefits for companies: Communication improves, teams become unbeatable, leaders become more capable


Companies can use the Personality Profile to create better cooperation within the team and throughout the organization. Users learn how to truly understand and appreciate each other, give recognition and feedback, move towards each other in conflict situations, and support each other in problem solving. The use of the Personality Factor Model can positively influence an entire corporate culture:

• Employees take on new tasks with greater success.

• The company can assemble teams based on individual strengths.

• With the terms D, I, S, and C, a common language can be developed as a basis for better understanding.

• Conflicts are depersonalized.

• The performance potentials of employees can be recognized and promoted more targetedly.

• Those who engage with the model learn to respect and appreciate the differences of their fellow human beings. This promotes efficient collaboration and a motivating atmosphere within the team.


Additionally, the persolog® Personality Factor Model can be used by companies to establish leadership development on a solid foundation. A leader must:

• be able to engage in dialogue and be able to “meet” their employees. Dialogic ability presupposes insights into one’s own preferred mode of action and motivation as well as those of the employees.

• be informed about which employees have what potential and which skills can be developed.

• know how to win and motivate which employees, and who is the right person for successfully completing a task.

This is where the persolog® Personality Factor Model comes into play: It supports leaders in successfully mastering these immense challenges of their daily work.



The benefits for participants: Understanding oneself and others better


The individual evaluation of the questionnaire related to the persolog® Personality Factor Model initiates a valuable process of reflection: It prompts seminar participants to delve into their own personality. The better people understand themselves, the more effectively they can manage themselves, the more consistently they can pursue their goals, and the more successfully they can develop strategies for higher effectiveness. In the seminar, participants recognize the factors that motivate and demotivate them, the preferred work environment, and their preferred way of dealing with conflicts.

Furthermore, the persolog® Personality Factor Model helps participants better understand others: When a person recognizes the preferred behavioral tendency of their fellow human beings, they can adapt their own behavior accordingly. This creates mutual understanding and adaptability, conflicts become solvable, and the success of collaboration increases.

In summary: Knowing one’s own strengths. Overcoming limitations and challenges. Respecting and appreciating others in their individuality and achieving greatness together. These are the aspects that the persolog® Personality Model aims to promote and support.



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