Zoom, Vitero, Teams & Co.: Which platforms are available for online seminars?

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Zoom, Vitero, Teams & Co.: Welche Plattformen es für Online-Seminare gibt


When listening to the experiences of most trainers, there is a clear winner among the platforms, and that’s Zoom. It’s currently under some scrutiny in the press. From our perspective, everyone needs to form their own opinion about it. There isn’t a clear-cut “critical” or “non-critical” stance. At persolog, we use Zoom. Nevertheless, there are other platforms that can be used. Here’s a selection with the pros and cons that trainers are familiar with.


Zoom (www.zoom.us)


Pros: Recording capability, very stable internet connection, group work possible, integrated whiteboard, interactive presentation, chat function, has everything needed for a seminar.

Cons: Quickly requires the paid version; for most individual trainers, the Pro version will suffice; app download required (which isn’t stored, but download is necessary); depending on the package, there are limits on group meetings.

Cost: Free basic version; Pro version $14.99 per month; $19.99 for Business version.


Webex (www.webex.com)


Pros: From the same developer as Zoom, also good, but from our experience, Zoom is better; easy to use, promises high security.

Cons: Fewer features compared to, for example, Skype for Business, Zoom, or GoToMeeting; relatively expensive compared to other tools if many special applications are needed.

Cost: Free app for mobile devices, various prices starting from $19 per month.


Skype / Skype for Business


Pros: Familiarity, well-known usage, high acceptance; Skype for Business has various features and is integrated into Office 365.

Cons: Relatively unstable, frequent disruptions, turning on and off can be difficult; many features are not available, recordings only possible via a separate tool.

Cost: Free basic version, Business variant integrated into Office 365, otherwise around €5 per month.


Adobe Connect


Pros: Many things are possible; has the most features; Outlook-supported – easy invitation of participants; files and documents can be shared during the meeting; whiteboard possible.

Cons: Relatively complex, not very intuitive, relatively expensive.

Cost: Price per package between €46 and €340 per month (most expensive package “Adobe Connect Learning” €340).


Google Hangouts


Pros: Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, Google Chrome, Ubuntu, and other Debian-based distributions; limited functions.

Cons: Google account required for use.

Cost: Basic €4.68/month, Business €9.36/month, Enterprise €23/month.


Google on Air


Pros: Usable from mobile devices.

Cons: Not suitable for group conversations; seems outdated, thus less attractive due to uncertain future.

Cost: Free to use.




Pros: Promise high security, as it is based in Germany; many possibilities; performance packages can be flexibly compiled.

Cons: It is necessary to carefully determine which functions are needed; high time investment.

Cost: No specific prices. Only available upon request.


Microsoft Teams


Pros: Great for internal communication, breakout sessions possible.

Cons: Currently relatively unstable due to high frequency, Microsoft will likely adjust soon; guests have limited functions.

Cost: Included in Office 365 and also free for guests within the Teams.


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